Coaches Corner – 3/20/12

20 Mar

Coach’s Corner

March 20th, 2012

Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos!  How about that?  At first I thought he was going to Miami.  Then I was sure he was going to Tennessee.  The Broncos were mentioned but I didn’t see it.  The 49ers came on quick – they signed Randy Moss and Mario Manningham – surely it was them.

Then Manning agrees to sign with the Broncos.  Good thing I was not working for ESPN or any other network because I swore it was Tennessee.

If healthy and that’s a big if…….what a signing for the Broncos!!

It was apparent that John Elway didn’t like Tim Tebow and knew he couldn’t win a championship with a quarterback that failed to complete half of his passes under 15 yards.

On the flip to that, Peyton Manning completed 3 out of every 4 passes under 15 yards his last year under center for the Colts.

The Broncos won a playoff game last year with a terrible passing offense.  They did lead the league in rushing thanks to the ground game of Willis McGahee and Tim Tebow.

Manning won’t be asked to run the ball at all, just methodically move the ball up and down the field, take time off the clock to keep the defense on the sidelines, and keep the Broncos in every game.

What do my boys think of the Peyton Manning signing?  Let’s take a look.

Coach Tim Woods, an expert on basketball and a man who appreciates a good hamburger said “I think it’s a great pick up for the Broncos… Hopefully it will allow Tebow to develop into a more traditional NFL QB.  He’s a winner, just needs a different skill set.  Maybe he can get that from ManningIF Manning is really recovered, IF, then Denver is a definite force…They were in every game with little or no offense.  Manning gives them a chance to put up points…with a solid defense…in all, a great signing.”

Eric Wernli, an anti-Kennedy assignation conspiracy guy, calls it a, “great fit for both.  Immediate possibility for conference champs.”

Big E, a 6’9 former St. John Fisher basketball player believes, “They should win at least 10 games…leaning toward 11.  They could win a playoff game or two.  You know ESPN would kill for Peyton/Eli Super Bowl.  I wouldn’t (He is an Eagles fan).  Broncos have a very good offensive line.  Tebow/Icky Woods . . .we barely knew ya.”

Peyton Manning is good for the NFL.  Denver is a city that is very passionate about their football.  I see Peyton and the Broncos very successful.

I also see Jeff Saturday joining the team to strengthen the offensive line.



When looking for a way to begin my latest blog regarding the tournament, my 10 year old son Andrew gave me the perfect intro.

He said, “Dad, Norfolk State and Lehigh just went to the top of my list if I play college basketball.”

My son was referring to his list of schools that he is willing to commit to if the opportunity arises.

I absolutely loved the play of Lehigh guard CJ McCollom.  He was not intimidated going against Duke and dropped 30 on the Blue Devils.

It sparked a debate on the back porch about the greatness of the NCAA tourney.  If Duke plays Lehigh 100 times, how many times do the Blue Devils win?  99?

My son asked me, “Dad, is Lehigh better than Duke?”

“Son, today they are.  And that’s all that matters.” I told him.

March Maddddddddddnessssssss started slowly on Thursday and blew up everyone’s bracket on Friday.

IKE teaching legend Mr. P, who gathered on my back porch to watch Friday’s action, had Michigan and Missouri in his final four.  In fact, he had Michigan winning it all.

Successful high school basketball coach and a man who enjoys breaded chicken wings, Coach Woods gave me his theory on what it takes to win it all.

“You have to have great guard play or a big man who step out.“ he said.

In 1982, Tim Woods was a member of a high school state championship team for the high school he currently works.

This season, Woods high school team was ranked #47 in the ESPN high school power rankings.

The Syracuse Orange really came out and played well against Kansas State to advance to the Sweet 16.  Dion Waiters led the team with 18 points, Scoop Jardine played well in the second half, and Rakeem Christmas continued to develop in front of our eyes.  It was only fitting that a man named Christmas did well on St. Patrick’s Day.

A lot goes into a championship team.   Luck is definitely one of those factors.  Did the Orange benefit from some friendly calls in the first round?  Sure.

My friend Rob who went to Purdue text me this nugget “The headline of the local Rochester (NY) paper will read – Syracuse doesn’t need help from refs this time as they defeat K-State.”

As Coach Woods said, you must have good guard play.  Scoop Jardine has been in the program for five years and is a heady point guard.

Waiters is the X factor.

Said Chris from the Cuse, “Syracuse looked good in the 2nd half.  They just need to keep a better flow on offense.  They will continue to get crushed on the boards so they have to stay aggressive and create turnovers.  Everyone is counting them out but they are a good team.”

Another key factor is you have to get hot at the right time.  That aspect of the Syracuse team is 6’8 wing James Southerland who bailed the Orange out in their opening win and added 15 against K-State.

For my old school friends, Southerland is from the same gym that produced East High School’s Tony Scott.  Both weigh about as much as my 10-year-old son.

Remember when Tony Scott came out of nowhere for the Orange?

Remember when he shaved the continent of Africa in the side of his head?

Scott left Syracuse and enrolled at Texas A&M.  How a city kid from Rochester, NY ends up in College Station is beyond me.  But his road to Aggieland was littered with violations and that probably has something to do with how he got there.

Coach Schott knows him Tony from their days as high school players in the Rochester, NY area.

“Tony was long and lean and could shoot the three.  He was very athletic and still is.  I have played in some local tournaments with him recently and he is a really cool guy.”

Scott lives in Rochester currently and serves as the President of the SU alumni association of Rochester.

The Marquette and Murray State game reminded me of a game played at a park.  Lots of athletes in the game and it was played at a frantic pace of a pick-up game.

I felt for Robbie Hummel and the Purdue Boilermakers in their narrow loss to Kansas.  Hummel has had two ACL surgeries that derailed a very promising college basketball career.

Imagine a re-match of Xavier and Cincinnati?  It could occur in the NCAA championship game.  Earlier in the season, their ugly brawl painted a terrible cloud over both universities and college basketball in general.

Kudos to both coaching staffs for their swift disciplinary action and then re-focusing their attention to basketball.

It’s a shame that North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall broke a bone in his wrist.  You never know when you will get an opportunity like this again and I hate to think that Carolina’s shot at a title is diminished because of an injury.

Looking forward to the sweet 16!



I can’t explain the Knicks sudden turn-around.

Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde. 

However you explain the turn around, give Mike Woodson credit.  He plans to hold Melo and Amare responsible for the locker room and for play.

The team had tuned out D’Antoni and appears to be listening to Woodson.

Until Baron Davis got hurt, lots of chatter out of the Knicks camp was that Jeremy Lin would go to the bench.

We all knew Lin-Sanity would return to earth.  Anyone that knows basketball knew that he wasn’t a 25 point and 14 assist guard.  I thought he was a 14-17 point and 8-11 assist guard.

He did drop 19 points on the Pacers on the second night of a back to back.

At the end of the blow-out victory at home over the Pacers, the home crowd started chanting for Mike Bibby.  Boy has he fallen a long way as an NBA player.

I don’t think you hear anything from Jeremy Lin if he comes off the bench or is a starter.

When I first turned on the Knicks and Pacers back to back I thought Joakim Noah had been traded to the Pacers.

Noah, while an excellent talent, isn’t a good-looking person.  Someone please explain that to Lou Amundson. 

The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder Friday evening at OKC.  That was without Manu Ginobili and the recently acquired Stephen Jackson.

Tony Parker played extremely well and Dejuan Blair played his best game of the year.

Danny Green continues his solid play.  Coach Schott and Big E are not fans of Danny Green but I don’t know what it is they don’t like about the former NY State Mr. Basketball.

Green is an excellent defender and has developed a nice scoring option for the Spurs.

How about Andy Pettitte returning to the Yanks?

The former Yankee left handed ace was one of the biggest game pitchers of his era.  In the post season, I don’t think I would want another Yankee to start.

When Pettitte left in 2010, he was 11-3 with a 3.28 ERA.

For his career, Andy has 240 victories.

There was debate as to if those numbers would be good enough to for the Hall of Fame.

Now, those numbers will certainly increase.  As will his chances for the Hall.

The move to the Yanks is a no-brainer.  It’s low risk and didn’t cost the Yankees anyone.  Pettitte can take his time in extended spring training, move his way through Double A and Triple A and join the Yanks in May or June.

If it doesn’t work out, Pettitte will bow out before he gets back to the Bronx.

But if it does work out . . .wow!  The Yankees, who already have depth in the starting pitching rotation, will suddenly be joined by a crafty veteran who knows how to win.

Suddenly the rotation has many more options behind CC Sabiatha.

And the magic come October – it makes me giggle in anticipation of the Yankee season.

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2 responses to “Coaches Corner – 3/20/12

  1. Koby Cantu

    March 20, 2012 at 9:13 am

    Great writing Todd!

  2. Paul DeGrove

    March 22, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of Tebow with Jets.


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