In Case You Missed It 3/16/12

15 Mar

by Dawn Dziuba

Hello Cinesportstalk fans! I bring to you the latest installment of my blog. This week I go back to just a film from last year in that I found pretty compelling and something that, I believe, Hollywood hasn’t done in a long time, an original idea. Sucker Punch was a film that had pretty good cinematic photography and a really interesting story to boot. Then again I do love the whole anime, kickass girls, and rpg aspect of the movie. You will too if you found any of those ideas a good one. This movie is a little out there at the beginning, and it’s one of those that you have to pay attention, but once the story comes together, it really comes together. Not to mention a great soundtrack that I quickly downloaded when the movie was over. Director Zach Snyder focuses on Emily Browning as the star of this one. The premise of the movie is her getting carted off to a mental hospital by an abusive step father, I know classic villain, but we learn very shortly that this isn’t the story you think. Miss Browning has to find a way to escape the hospital with the help of some people she meets in the institution. The movie changes from various scene to various scene. That’s why you kind of have to pay attention until you get what’s going on. Personally I love the way it was filmed, and even more love the original idea that Snyder brought to the movie. Will they do a second one? Probably not, but hey I’ll take this for what it is.

There is one thing about the stars of the movie that you will see right away. They are all beautiful, and wear the skimpiest outfits known to man most of the movie. I know I know, why would I like a movie like this? Well, because Babydoll, Emily Browning, wields a sword and gun at the same time and is badass that’s why! There in lies the question in your mind of how a girl is sent to a mental institute and is now a sword wielding ninja fighting badass. Believe me it fits in, and while I can try to give the best review possible without ruining the twist for you I’ll just say that this is part of her quest to try to escape from the evil area to which she was placed. I’ll give you a little for instance. When Babydoll first learns of this journey she must accept she is thrown into a challenge that tests her skills with the sword and pistol. Now, I know that you can’t just pick up those skills at will, god knows I have tried, but when you see it come together in the movie you realize she is just dancing herself into a really great time! The beasts she faces at first start easy and then get hard in order to test her ability. By playing massively multi-player online games for a better part of 10 years you pick that kind of thing up right away. All in all this was a really neat movie with some twists and turns in odd directions. You do come to love the characters, and wonder if they will ultimately achieve the goal to which they set out to do. While it may not be for everyone I found it refreshing and kick ass all at the same time. That equals winner in my book. Until next time fans!

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