Coaches Corner – 3/10/12

10 Mar

by Yankee Todd

March 10th, 2012

My son Andrew and I went to see the Knicks when they came to our hometown of San Antonio last Wednesday evening.

Here are my reflections from the game.

I have never waited in line to enter the AT&T Center before any game.  This game had us waiting to get inside.  Lin-Sanity had invaded the Alamo City.

I saw two true Knicks fans.  Many other Knick fans were in attendance but I could tell these two gentleman were true fans.  How so?

One guy was a wearing a medium sized John Starks jersey that he probably owned in the mid 90’s when he was a medium sized fan.  In 2012, he is an extra large sized fan.  But he still proudly wore the jersey.

The same can be said for a Charles Oakley fan I saw.

It made me wish I still had my Patrick Ewing jersey.

All true fans have tried to sausage themselves into a jersey to go watch/support their team.  God Bless true fans!!

Amare Stoudemire signed autographs before they game.  He is built like Hulk Hogan.  Recently, much has been made of his weight loss to improve his quickness.  Good gravy, the man cannot have an ounce of fat on him.

I told my son that Jeremy Lin now has every starting point guard in the league going at him hard every night.  Deron Williams dropped 38 on Lin.  The night before the Spurs game, Jason Kidd played like he was in college again against Lin.  We saw Tony Parker take dead aim at Lin-Sanity.

I have been stumping for Tony Parker to get national recognition as an elite point guard all year.  In the first half, he looked like the best point in the NBA to me and my son.

According to my son Andrew, the top five point guards are in this order

5)  Chris Paul

4)  Steve Nash (Andrew’s all time favorite point guard.)

3)  Deron Williams

2)  Derrick Rose

1)  Tony Parker

Parker is the best point guard, according to my 4th grader because, “he is a tremendous leader, he is un-selfish and can score when needed.”

In the open court, Tony Parker is simply un-guardable.  I live in the city and watch Parker play each night.  I decided to ask my boys from around the country what they thought of Tony Parker.

Here is Yankeetodd1’s list for best point guards in the NBA right now.

5.  Rajon Rondo

4.  Tony Parker

3.  Deron Williams

2.  Chris Paul

1.  Derrick Rose

Said Derrick Paul (no relation to Chris Paul) “Parker would look real good in a Lakers uniform.”

Coach Schott, living in New York said, “He is a great point guard that you never hear much about.  Eva who?  He was reborn after losing that desperate housewife.”

Said Coach Tim Woods, “I personally think he’s a very good guard, but I guess I am in the minority because I don’t think he is an elite point guard.  He doesn’t shoot well enough to be in that category and he doesn’t assist enough.  When he plays a team that can keep him out of the lane (during the playoffs) he struggles.  He has the ball so much for the Spurs that when he struggles, so do the Spurs.  I wouldn’t mind trading him for a guard that has a better all around point play.  He obviously has the skills, he won the all star challenge.  I just wish he was a little more than a drive dimensional guard.  I think Manu’s a better point guard than Parker.”

@dave chazzer had this to say about Parker.  “I will play the ‘describe in three words game.’  Class, professionalism, and underrated.  He reminds me of a movie or album that gets no respect until years later.  Caddy Shack did terrible at the box office and got horrible reviews.  Now it’s a classic.  I think he will only get credit when he is gone and the new guy can’t fill his jock.  Over the summer there were rumblings that the Knicks were going to trade for him.  I was more excited by that news than Melo and Amare combined. “

I really think the Spurs have a legitimate shot to do some damage in the Western Conference playoffs.  A healthy Manu Ginobili is key.

Carmelo Anthony looks healthy.  I enjoy watching Melo because he is an excellent one-on-one player.  Numerous times, I had my son watch how Melo squared up to the basket and used a series of head and ball fakes to get his shot off against the Spurs.

My son and I were really hoping that Steve Novak would have went off against the Spurs.  While he did hit one three-pointer, the Spurs kept their former bench player in check.

At the beginning of the year, I would have bet my house that Mike D’Antoni would have been fired.  Then Lin-Sanity saved his job.  Now they can’t function together as a team.  Is D’Antoni going to be fired during this awful stretch?

@joelsherman1 tweeted during the Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks game this gem ,“I think D’Antoni just called a timeout to get his resume in order.”

@davechazzer posed this question to me recently and I ponder it to you now.

“After Kobe, Lebron, Durant, and Rose who is number 5?  Is Kevin Love that guy?  Larry Bird is smiling somewhere.  I ‘ll take him over Mr. Overrated Shoulders all day.  D Howard.”  That text came to me at 12:32 AM.  Gotta love @davechazzer.  He is quite possibly, the funniest man I know.

Syracuse Orange guard Dion Waiters will be an NBA star very shortly.  His performance in their loss to Cincinnati in the Big East Semi-Finals was legendary.  Coach Schott is a huge fan of Waiters.  Coach Schott said the only one that can stop Waiters is Coach Jim Boeheim.

Said Coach Schott about Waiters performance, “In a game where it seemed like several SU players thought a semi-final win was a given, one player went out and played like he wanted a Big East Title.”

Coach continued, “I have said before that he is Syracuse’s best player and he showed it tonight.  Enjoy Waiters while you can Cuse fans, cause he is going to the league as soon as you are bounced.”

Syracuse needs to do a better job rebounding if wants to make a run in the tournament.  Yancy Gates  for Cincinnati had a field day against the Orange.

Syracuse missed key free throws down the stretch and in the tournament missing from the line will sink a team.

A loss isn’t necessarily a bad thing leading into the tournament.  Let’s hope Coach Boeheim can re-focus this team so they can play into April.

Coach Schott believes that Syracuse needs to get out of the zone they are known for if they want to make a deep run in the dance.

“They have 10 very good players and they don’t get after people until they are way down.  They could win the entire tournament if they try to wear people out with their depth,”  said Coach Schott.

Coach Schott gave us his early final four (prior to brackets coming out.)

UNC, Kentucky (despite Coach Cal), Missouri (great guard play,) and Louisville (peaking at the right time and let’s be honest – my favorite team)

San Antonio is now home to an Arena Football League team.  They are the San Antonio Talons.  My son and I are planning on going to see their second home game until I learned that the league potentially is going to lock out its players because of a labor disagreement.

The difference between the NFL and the AFL is enormous.  The AFL announced that if an agreement is not met soon, they will cut everyone on their roster and sign replacement players.

Peyton Manning is the number one story in the NFL right now.  The former Colt is the hottest free agent in years.

Here are my boy’s predictions on where #18 will take snaps next year.

Derrick Paul (No relation to Chris Paul) believes, “I have a feeling he ends up in Denver.  I would like to see him in a Cowboys uniform.  They can trade Romo to the Bills.”

Chris from the Cuse, who was at the Garden when Syracuse lost to Cincinnati believes its Denver also.

Coach Woods believes, “I think Denver or Washington…and crap, I think it’s gonna be Washington….just what my Cowboys need.”

Big E, out of Philly, sees the Dolphins.  “I go with Miami with Reggie Wayne and Jeff Saturday.  The Dolphins then move Mike Pouncey to guard.”

Coach Schott, “I am a big Manning fan even though I am the biggest Steelers fan.   I feel he will go to Miami only if they bring in his receivers.  If it’s all about the cash then he goes to Washington.  But I don’t think he goes into his brother’s division.”

@davechazzer has a different take.  “There is no doubt in my mind that Manning will end up with the Packers.  Green Bay’s QB is shaky at best.  They haven’t had a QB since Favre left.”

One Office Down believes, “He will take his talents to Miami.”

@BonnieBernstein tweeted today, “Peyton Manning stays overnight in Denver.  This has to be the most high-profile Bronco chase since OJ Simpson.”

Late Breaking –(Which to me means after I wrote this article)

The Washington Redskins have made a major move to up in the draft and acquire the St Louis Rams #2 selection in this year’s NFL draft.  With that said, it appears that RG3 will be a Redskins which eliminates the ‘Skins as a potential home for Peyton Manning.

It’s a great move by the Rams.  Three number one picks and a number two pick.  Now the Rams need to draft wisely and surround Sam Bradford with the weapons needed to compete in the NFL.  Steven Jackson rushed for almost 1,200 yards last year.  Would Justin Blackman look good in St. Louis Rams uniform?

They already hired a coach with the sweetest mustache in the business in Jeff Fisher.  If the Rams are wise, they will allow Fisher to put his stamp on the team and the future could be bright.

Call me crazy but I think Colt McCoy could develop into a poor man’s Matt Schaub.  I think the Browns were wise not to trade up to get RG3.

@AdamtheBull does not think McCoy is the answer.  He has targeted  Matt Flynn from Green Bay and Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M on his quarterback wish list.

Google search Ryan Tannehill’s girl friend.  You would want your team to draft Tannehill after seeing the model Lauren Ufer.  Hubba Hubba.

Not that I was shocked…. but the New York Giants released jumbo sized running back Brandon Jacobs.  I always wondered what if Jacobs could stay healthy?

This nugget came from @davechazzer.  Former NY Knick and NJ Net Chris Childs went to Boise State before it became cool to go to Boise State.

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