Coaches Corner – 3/5/12

05 Mar

By Yankee Todd

Coach’s Corner

March 5, 2012

Paul Pierce continues to be a cold-blooded assassin in the big situations. His performance at the end of the Knicks game was epic.

My memo to the Celtics management . . . please trade Rajon Rondo. All he did was score 18 points, grab 17 boards and dish out 20 assists. He continued to find Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett in situations where they could be effective. His performance was simply awesome.

In the first half, I tweeted from @yankeetodd1 this, “Don’t laugh at me, but I could see this team (Knicks) playing for the Eastern conference finals.”

I still do.

The turnover situation with Jeremy Lin and Baron Davis needs to be drastically reduced. In the first half, the Knicks could have had a much larger lead but they continued to give the Celtics extra opportunities.

Steve Novak continues his Cinderella season.

Iman Shumpert played one of his better games against the Celtics.

Big E out of Philly is contesting the fact that Deron Williams scored 57 points. How can you do that? Big E maintains because it was against the most God-awful team in the league, the Charlotte Bobcats.

I feel for my buddy –Allan “The Shark” Mark who lives in Charlotte. You can follow him on twitter @sharkmark33.

Damn, the “Bird Man” out of Denver is an ugly looking fella. My question is this. What will Bird Man do after his playing days are over?

Tim Duncan showed some 1999 hops by throwing one down on the Bird Man. He is every reason why people shouldn’t get multiple tattoos.

Manu Ginobili is back for the Spurs. The playmaker is a welcome addition to the Spurs and increases their playoff chances.

The Syracuse Orange continues their magical season. They defeated Louisville Saturday to look primed to go deep in the tournament. Can they win it all?

They sure can. Kris Joseph and Dion Waiters are stars. They have depth and a great floor leader in Scoop Jardein. You have to get lucky in March and if the magic goes their way, Jim Boeheim and the Orange could be celebrating another championship.

A real college basketball fan from the New York area knows that the Big East tournament is as much fun if not more fun, than the Big Dance.

It might bring tears to my eye this week knowing that the Orange will not be in the Big East tournament any longer.

@davechazzer’s fondest memories of the Big East Tournament included Gerry McNamara single handedly winning the tourney followed closely by the six overtime game.

Big E will be happy when Temple joins the Big East.

Big E wonders, “Are Seton Hall and Rutgers still Division 1 in basketball?”

The Orange will have their work cut out for them in the ACC. The North Carolina Tarheels sent a statement to Duke and the rest of college basketball with a major beat down on their arch rival.

Word out of the NY Giant land is the Mario Manningham is going to the sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mr. Manningham will be a nice addition for Josh Freeman but he needs to remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I do love the billboards in Miami that boast Manning to Miami. I don’t know where I heard it but could the ex-Hurricane Reggie Wayne play a key role in bringing Manning to Miami?

My man Coach Woods said it best when talking about the Peyton Manning injury. Not only did Manning lose a year, so did Reggie Wayne.

Big E sees the Dolphins as in the lead to land Manning.

The debate rages on who will get trade up to grab RG3.

I see the Cleveland Browns acquiring the freakishly good RG3. Can he do what Cam Newton did for the Panthers?

I think he can.

The question is this. Does RG3 or Colt McCoy give the Browns a better chance to defeat the Ravens or Steelers?

RG3 does. And I am a McCoy fan.

The Browns will need to surround RG3 with weapons but rest assured, RG3 will add excitement and optimism to the city and franchise.

For excellent coverage on the Cleveland sports scene, follow @AdamtheBullFAN

I will be the first to admit that I have not paid one bit of attention to the Yankees during Spring Training. I am going to watch the race for the #5 starter closely.

Will it be Phil Hughes or Freddy Garcia?

I think the Yankees will give every opportunity to Hughes to get the job. Hughes has showed flashes as a dominant starting pitcher and now he just needs to put it all together. A big year by Hughes will be another reason the Yankees are going to take a parade in November.

Former college baseball player, Aaron Semper believes that the biggest question mark to this season is how Phil Hughes and Michael Pineda produce.

Semper and I disagree on who should be the fifth starter.

“Best case is Hughes in the pen. Garcia is a solid 5th. He will eat up innings and he will not get rattled.” Says the former college baseball player and current middle school coach.

Mr. P believes that a healthy Hughes would be better for the Yanks as a starter.

According to the legend that is Mr. P, depth is a good thing for starting pitching.

Mr. P sees the biggest question marks this season as being age. “Do Jeter, A-Rod, Tex and Mariano still have it?”

The next Disney movie came out of high school sports in Texas this past week. Beren Academy, a private Jewish school whose religious beliefs prevented them from playing on the Sabbath, was almost denied an opportunity to participate in the state championship game in high school basketball.

The governing body of private school athletics, TAPPS, held firm with the fact that they have never changed a date because they were worried a precedent would be set.

I don’t know how many of you know this, but @yankeetodd1 is an assistant principal during the day at a large high school with 3,000 students.

My job is to do what is right for children. Sometimes that means angering teachers or parents or other administrators but my job is to do what is right for kids.

The cowardly act of hiding behind concerns of establishing a precedent is pitiful for men that are in the student-first business.

I heard the executives say that Beren Academy knew what to expect when they joined. Blah, blah, blah.

Why did it take a law suit and threats to delay the state tournament for TAPPS to do the right thing?

Shame on TAPPS. They should all look in the mirror and remember why they got into education in the first place.

I still don’t understand the draw to auto racing. Besides Ricky Bobby, I just don’t see the excitement in the race. My man C-Rob and Coach Woods love that stuff and I just don’t see it.

CeeLo Green’s popularity proves anyone can make it in America.

My son Andrew and I will have excellent tickets to see the Knicks and Spurs play this Wednesday night. We are also excited because the city of San Antonio just landed an Arena football team, the San Antonio Talons. The Talons are led by former NFL quarterback, Aaron Garcia. My son and I will be in attendance for their March 17thth game against the Spokane Shock.

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