Will Peyton Manning be a Miami Dolphin?

04 Mar

Hey all. Scott here.  There has been lots of speculation about what the future holds for Peyton Manning. We are all about to get our answer.  The Indianapolis Colts have until Thursday March 8th to pick up Manning’s 28 million dollar option or decline and draft Andrew Luck with the first overall pick.

We all know that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is absolutely infatuated with Mr. 6’5 Laser Rocket Arm, but is he the best possible fit for a Dolphin franchise that has been starving for a franchise signal caller since the days of Dan Marino?  I’m going to break down the three best options the Miami Dolphins have to upgrade at Quarterback and let you know what I feel is the best fit.

Option A- Go all in and sign Peyton Manning.  To me, this is the biggest gamble of the bunch.  Manning has had 4 surgeries the past year and no one really knows what to expect from him once the season starts. How strong will his arm be?  If he is healthy, how long can he play at a high level?  A recently leaked YouTube video shows number 18 throwing darts at Duke University.  Obviously this video was leaked by Manning’s camp to show the world he isn’t done just yet.  By all accounts his arm is getting stronger and he has been cleared by doctors to resume football activity and should be ready by the regular season opener.  This move will not cost draft picks and allow the Miami Dolphins to use their draft to improve an already talented roster.

Option B- Sign Green Bay Packers Quarterback Mat Flynn.  Let the Flynnsanity begin.  The advantages of signing Matt Flynn are numerous.  Again, signing Flynn won’t cost draft picks.  He is much younger than Peyton Manning and has worked with new Dolphins head coach and former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator  Joe Philbin.  The risk here is that the Dolphins will have to base the risk of the relatively unknown of Matt Flynn on a couple of regular season games and Philbin’s insider knowledge.   Be sure the Miami Dolphins have done their due on Matt Flynn.

Option C- Trade up with the St. Louis Rams and draft Baylor’s dynamic Robert Griffin III with the 2nd overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft.  This is the move that will cost the most and carries the greatest risk/reward of them all.  The Miami Dolphins will face fierce competition from the Cleveland Browns who have pick 4 and the Washington Redskins who have pick 6 for the Rams 2nd overall pick.  Reports are that the Browns have started with an offer that includes 2 first round picks. The Redskins have supposedly offered at least 5 picks.  For the Dolphins to even get in the conversation for RG3, they are looking at giving up multiple draft picks and possibly big time talent like three time Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long or Pro Bowl MVP wide receiver Brandon Marshall.  Since the Miami Dolphins currently have the 8th pick in the draft, the price is going to be a lot higher.

I have gone over the options in my head a countless amount of times. I love RG3.  He is a pure beast.  When was the last time we have seen someone who is this talented enter the draft? I feel Matt Flynn in an offensive system he knows could be a huge positive.  Peyton Manning at 80% is still better than most QB’s in the NFL.

What option am I going with?  Give me option A.  I want Peyton Manning as the Miami Dolphins Quarterback in 2012.  Sure the risk is substantial. Isn’t that what doctors told Nick Saban when he was recruiting Drew Brees? We went on to watch Daunte Culpepper flounder as Drew Brees thrived and took the New Orleans Saints to a Super Bowl championship.  All I heard prior to this was that Drew Brees might not ever throw again and that it was better to put all your chips in on the guy that had a bad knee.  How does that bad shoulder look now? Where is Daunte Culpepper?  I know signing Manning is a risk, but isn’t signing Flynn or giving up the house for RG3 just as big a risk?  Who says RG3 will ever amount to anything? Matt Flynn could be a product of the system.  I am so tired of the Dolphins revolving door at QB since Dan Marino retired 12 years ago.  I’m sick of the Ray Lucas experiment. I’m over John Beck throwing a forward pass 10 yards BEHIND the line of scrimmage. As Austin Powers would say ” John Beck had small hands, smelled like cabbage”  No more Gustavo Frerotte.  I don’t want to see Chad Henne in a helmet 6 sizes to small unless he’s under center for the New York Jets.  If Manning doesn’t materialize, all he cost is money.  I don’t want to give up draft picks and proven Pro Bowlers for an unknown commodity.  I don’t want to suffer through another mediocre season if Matt Flynn doesn’t pan out. Look at what other teams in South Florida have done.  The Miami Heat have taken over the city with King James, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh.  The Marlins brought out  their American Express Black Card this off-season by signing Jose Reyes, Heath Bell and Mark Buehrle. Miami is an event town.  We feed off star power  It’s time to roll the dice.  Imagine the home opener and Number 18 running out of  our tunnel.  Can you imagine the collective exhale as Peyton Manning runs out on the field?  It will be our very own personal exorcism after 12 long years of frustration.   I know this may be too soon, but it’s time Peyton Manning takes his talents to South Beach.

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