Coaches Corner – 2/16/12

16 Feb

By Yankee Todd

Can Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony get along? Should the Knicks trade Anthony?

Why should I even spend time on these ludicrous statements? The Knicks are a better team with Melo onthe court than they are with him doing his best Bruce Bowen impersonation by sporting a bow tie.

The speculation that Lin and Melo can’t co-exist is ridiculous. Melo can get along with any ball player and Lin is a natural point guard – he will get the ball to the open man. Players have to sacrifice to win. This team will sacrifice. Winning is contagious and true competitors do whatever it takes to win.

Since A’mare has returned, Lin’s point production has decreased slightly but his assists per game have and will continue to go up. Lin dished out 13 dimes against the Kings on Wednesday night.

I think that his going to be the Lin that we see. A 14-17 point per game scorer (some nights he will drop 38) and handout 8/9 assists per game.

Bottom line is the Knicks are better with Melo on the court.

I can tell the Garden is rocking from my couch 1,800 miles away. One of my favorite Garden moments occurred right before the half against the Kings. Lin drove to the hoop, the defense collapsed. Lin dished the ball to my man Tyson Chandler. Chandler dunked the ball with such authority that the ball bounced back up and he head butted it. The crowd went nuts and so did I. Chandler is exactly the free agent this team needed and his value as a leader is off the chart. Lin is stealing the headlines but this team belongs to Tyson Chandler.

I love Steve Novak. The man can flat out shoot the rock. His performance is only going to continue to improve with the increased confidence of Jeremy Lin.

As more teams continue to double Lin when he drives to the basket, Lin will kick the ball to open teammates. Novak can find an open spot and continue to knock down threes.

Did you know?

Steve Novak played college basketball with Dwayne Wade at Marquette. In 2005-2006 he shot an incredible 97% from the foul line while averaging 17.5 points per game.

Novak has spent time with the Rockets, Clippers, Spurs, in the D-league and now appears to have found a home in the Big Apple.

How crazy is Lin-sanity? My mother asked me via text message if I had tickets to the March 7th Knicks at Spurs basketball game.

Of course my son Andrew and I will be there. When I first got the tickets, my son and I were going to cheer on the Spurs….now we might be witnessing history.

Not to brag (but I will) but on 2/12 I posted a Coach’s Corner article. Within that article, I compared the rise of Jeremy Lin to the excitement I felt watching Joba Chamberlin.

Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York posted an article on 2/15 that made the same comparison. Not that anyone reads my posts (or do they?) but I could be doing a pretty good job reporting on NY sports from South Texas.

Floyd Mayweather – You drop 38 points on Kobe Bryant and the Lakers and you believe Lin is only receiving the love because he’s Asian? Really? Are you that ignorant that you can pull the race card? I am completely disappointed but not shocked.

Just because you can box doesn’t mean you are intelligent. I am Anglo, but if I were Asian, I wouldn’t spend a dollar on buying a ticket to see him fight or purchase pay per view.

Speculation continues that the Knicks will sign JR Smith. My son reported that to me again yesterday. I told him that they were worried about team chemistry. He said, “Dad, what is team chemistry?”

I said, “Andrew, team chemistry is when a team plays well together. They are excited to win and generally like it each other.”


“The Knicks did not have team chemistry to start the year but now they do.”

Charles Barkley, according to my son Andrew, said on a telecast he sees the Spurs making a good playoff run if they can acquire a defensive stopper. With the return of Manu Ginobili and the increased confidence of the team, the Spurs are shaping up into an excellent team.

Are they athletic enough to win the NBA championship? Probably not. But as the NY football Giants demonstrated earlier this year, all you have to do is get into the dance and anything can happen.

Tony Parker has continued his fine play this year. I still believe if he played in New York City he would receive the love he deserved. The guy can flat out score and at times he is un-guardable .

The debate started on the radio show Mike and Mike in the morning. Should a team sign Peyton Manning or trade up and take RG3 with the number 2 draft pick.

I posed that question to my boys. Here is there take.

Coach Woods, getting ready for a big playoff run believes, “No way a team can keep Peyton Manning . . .whatever his roster bonus is, he’s done with the Colts. He is 38, has an injured neck, you dump him to whoever will take a chance. It’s a business and you’ve got to move on. The NFL is fantastic about knowing when a player is done…every year someone cuts a player and everyone goes we should pick him up . . . .almost every time someone does it turns out that guy is done. My prediction for Peyton , sad but I think accurate.”

Big E from Philly chimed in, “If I’m a GM I need to see Peyton’s arm strength. I can’t imagine him doing naked bootlegs for Shanahan. He might end up a quadriplegic. “

Derrick Paul (no relation to Chris Paul) believes, “It depends on the team and Manning’s health. If you are a successful team that needs a QB, I take Peyton assuming he’s healthy. If you are a young team that needs help all over then I go with a rookie. Assuming health, I take Manning.”

AJ Burnett

My brother Sean always said I was the most optimistic Yankee fan out there. I guess that is why I think AJ Burnett can turn it around every start that he makes for the Yankees.

So the thought of dumping him to a team and still paying his salary while not getting anything in return, is hard to swallow.

Pitching depth is like comfortable pants to sleep in. You can never have enough. The season is banking on Ivan Nova’s continued development, Michael Pineda being able to survive in the fish bowl that is Yankee Stadium, an aging career National League pitcher in former Dodger Hiroki Kuroda, Freddy Garcia and Phil Hughes.

Not that I do not think this staff has the potential to dominate, but we have a ton of questions entering the year.

If we get a serviceable left handed DH (Travis Hafner) then I make the trade. If the Yankees receive B list prospects, I don’t make the trade.

C Rob, a local San Antonio man who is running for political office, has revealed more of his political views. Not only will C Rob move the Super Bowl to Saturday night to allow for him to enjoy a few Coors but he will also move the NCAA tournament championship game to the weekend also.

C Rob could quite possibly be the best politician since Judge Roy Bean. Google him if you do not recognize the name.

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2 responses to “Coaches Corner – 2/16/12

  1. Aaron

    February 16, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    C Rob for President

  2. Dpd22

    February 16, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Well done big bloo


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