The Vow Review

15 Feb

By Steve Farace

I told you all that I would be forced to see this one.


If any of you were to tell me that you envisioned that The Vow would beat ANY Denzel movie in the box office in the first week, you would be LYING. It was by a small margin, but The Vow still won. Now, part of the success stemmed from opening the weekend before Valentine’s Day, which was actually marketing genius. Let’s get to it.

Rachel McAdams is obviously a versatile actress. She has done these kinds of movies as well as Wedding Crashers. She can really be placed in any kind of movie, short of being a Rambo type flick.

This movie is the mirror image of The Notebook with a few exceptions. The couple isn’t old and it isn’t a debilitating disease that is having the impact on a couple who is madly in love. This time around it is a horrific car accident that gets the ball rolling on the story.

Can you imagine yourself in this situation? Living the life that you want with the person you want and then, in an instant, it all changes. Your life is completely turned upside down and your wife doesn’t have a single memory of you.

If I were to tell you that I’ve been a fan of Channing Tatum I would be lying. Ever since I had to sit through Dear John, I’ve tried to stay away from anything Tatum has been involved in. That being said, I think that both Tatum and McAdams did a great job in their roles in this sappy love story that can be a tear-jerker at times.

The ladies are going to LOVE this one and the men will be able to tolerate it and in some cases they will like it (although they will not admit to it).

Final Word

Guys – take your ladies to go see this one. She will love it and it won’t be a total bore-fest for you.

3 Stars

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