Eagles Fan: Eli is Elite

12 Feb

by George Remailly

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan as I am and like others out there I really wanted like many Eagles fans to pull my hair out.  Watching the New York Giants win their second Super Bowl in four years at first just made me want to scream.  As time went by and I watched the many Giants fans around me celebrating their teams win, I realized why they have won another Super Bowl Championship.

The bottom line in all team sports is you need a true leader.  A leader who leads by example and puts the team on his shoulders when he needs to.  The New York Giants have that leader in quarterback Eli Manning.  It is amazing that throughout the season many fans of the Giants would yell different things out about their quarterback.  Many did not want Eli as their quarterback.

Eli Manning by winning his second Super Bowl Championship has put himself in good company with only a handful of NFL quarterbacks who have won two or more Super Bowl titles.  He no doubt has become the best quarterback in all of New York’s NFL history.  He has put himself past the legend Joe Namath who guaranteed a Super Bowl win in the 1968 game against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts.  He passes former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms who won a title as a starter and was on another team that won a Super Bowl title but was injured and replaced by Jeff Hostetler  who won the Super Bowl for the New York Giants.

Eli Manning will never have to buy himself another meal in New York City.  He has become an icon and legend by winning his second Super Bowl.  He has become a total leader of the New York Giants.  He is tough and he totally leads by example.  He again led his team on a last minute drive to capture his second Super Bowl MVP Award.

Throughout the 2011 season Eli showed his leadership and a way to pull out a victory from the jaws of defeat.  Before the Super Bowl Eli had guided the New York Giants to seven come from behind wins in the fourth quarter.  This past season was no doubt the best of his career. Listening to the head coach of the New York Giants Tom Coughlin during interviews during the celebration he kept saying the same thing over and over again.  Eli took the team and put us on his back and lead us.  He has gotten so much better and has become our leader.

It is really a no brainer here as to whether or not Eli is an elite quarterback.   The two Super Bowl titles say that and his 8-3 overall career playoff record states that too.  Now if that is not enough for you than well he has the most playoff road wins for any quarterback in NFL history with five.  To win on the road in the playoffs in the NFL is tough.  Eli just is not phased about playing on the road in the playoffs.  Just look at this years NFC Championship Game in San Francisco against the 49ers.  The 49ers defense just beat up Eli but he just kept getting up and kept on fighting.  He totally showed his toughness and leadership qualities in that game against a very good and young 49ers team.

Eli Manning is in the prime of his career.  Can he get better?  Yes he can and that is a scary thought for the rest of the NFL.  Eli has the chance to step up with the elite Super Bowl quarterbacks who have won three and four Super Bowl titles.  He has already made himself a legend in New York.  By winning any more Super Bowls he can make himself a legend with the all-time greats.

New York Giants fans you have yourself a great quarterback.  For all those that at one time wanted Phillip Rivers, the current San Diego Chargers quarterback who was traded for Eli, what are you saying now.  No doubt the tune has changed and Eli Manning has become the toast of all New York City.  New York Giants you have yourself a true quarterback and leader.

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One response to “Eagles Fan: Eli is Elite

  1. yankee

    February 13, 2012 at 12:00 am

    It’s scarry to think Eli is only 31.


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