Heat News and Notes

10 Feb

By Carl Cabey

For the last three games Erik Spolestra has gone to his closing lineup we saw at the end of last season with Miller, Wade, James, Bosh, and Haslem. This is the lineup that Pat Riley envisioned when he first put this team together before last season. So far they’re 3-0 when using that lineup to close, but Spolestra has yet to use it any other time during the game. The lineup features Miami’s five best players. So far they are a plus 23 when on the court to close out games.

The Miami Heat have released rookie center Mickell Gladness. Tuesday at 6.00 PM was the deadline for non guaranteed contracts. Terrel Harris and Eddy Curry’s contracts were guaranteed and will be held onto the remainder of the season. The move freed up the 15th and final spot on the roster and as coach Spoelstra stated, “it created some flexibility if we choose to use it.” There are rumors that the Heat are the favorite to sign free-agent center Joel Pryzbilla. Gladness could be brought back on a 10-day contract if he clears the 48-hour waiver period.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have been named starters for this year’s all-star game. Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony is starting over Heat forward Chris Bosh. You can make an argument for both players. Bosh has been named a reserve in the game. James Jones originally said that he would not defend his title and participate in the 3-point contest but has since has changed his mind and said he would be in it. Norris Cole is hopeful on the rookies vs. sophomores game but still no word on if he gets in or not.

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