The Giants win the Super Bowl

06 Feb

By Yankee Todd


The Giants win the Super Bowl!!

Defeat the Patriots twice during the biggest game in last four years.

Brady to Welker has normally been a combination that has led to disaster all year for opponents. But a Welker drop allowed Eli Manning an opportunity. Given that opportunity, Manning found Mario Manningham for an incredible catch with less than four minutes to go in the game that allowed the Giants to move the ball to mid field.

Yes, that Mario Manningham, the one that I predicted in my Coach’s Corner that would be the key to the game. His three catches on the final drive that helped the Giants win their second Super Bowl in four years.

At the beginning of the year, Eli Manning was asked if he was in the same category as Tom Brady. We all laughed. No one is laughing any longer. Plaxico Burress said that with a Super Bowl win, he would solidify his place in Canton. If that’s the case, Mr. Manning needs to be fitted for a jacket. With this win, the Manning with the most Super Bowl victories is not Peyton, but Eli.

Manning orchestrated an 88 yard drive in the last three minutes of the game to give the Giants their second Super Bowl Victory over the New England Patriots in the last four years.

Amhad Bradshaw scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Normally this accomplishment would be something to celebrate. But by scoring, he gave the Patriots an opportunity to get the ball back. I was disappointed that he scored. Say what?

With :57 seconds left, my heart was in my shorts. Tom Brady, yes that Tom Brady, marched onto the field in an attempt to give the Patriots a victory. Deion Branch dropped a pass that would have given them 20 plus yards. My heart was pounding a million beats a minute. Aaron Hernandez heard foot-steps and dropped a second pass. My man Coach Woods made the comment during my Super Bowl party that on Hernandez’s earlier touchdown he hesitated, expecting to be hit, before scoring. Was he possibly anticipating a hit on this dropped pass? The clock ticked away.

My son and I chest bumped and them mimicked Justin Tuck’s bow as he recorded his second sack during the Patriots last drive. The clock continued to wind down.

With 39 seconds left and on 4th and 16, Brady escaped from JPP to connect to Deion Branch. You wondered. Did Tom Terrific have what it took? The Hail Mary pass that worked against Green Bay, would it work?

This Hail Mary did not work. Brady failed to complete a pass that would have won the game for the Patriots.

As my son jumped into my arms and I carried him around the living room, the Giants proved the Las Vegas bookies wrong. My Dad had a bad feeling. He warned me that Vegas isn’t normally wrong. Every expert or radio talk show host was picking the Giants. Vegas was not built because they were beat in games. But tonight, they were. The Giants won out-right. Forget the Vegas points.

At one point during the season, the Giants were 7 and 7. They had lost to the Redskins twice. Tom Coughlin was on his way out. I was disappointed with my team. I would have never thought that the Giants would have gone on to win the Super Bowl. No way.

Inside the locker room, something happened. The team got healthy. The team got hot and the team got lucky. You need all these ingredients to be successful.

It started with a win against the NY Jets. Victor Cruz had a huge reception that won that game. The next week, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Coach Woods, my son Andrew and cowboy Eric Wernli to watch the Giants totally dominate the Dallas Cowboys to make the playoffs. Principal Jeff joined me and decided that he was going to follow the Giants the rest of the year. My son salsa danced at the end of the night.

My brother and I believed that they could beat the Falcons at home. But then they would have to face the soon to be named MVP Aaron Rogers at Green Bay.

A dominate performance against Green Bay and they were onto San Francisco.

Eli Manning willed that team to the Super Bowl with a victory over the 49ers.

The Giants dominated the first half of the Super Bowl but trailed 10-9. Tom Brady took control of the second half and the Patriots went up 17-9. I told everyone at my party that we were fine. A good team has to weather the storm and stick to their game plan. Was it wishful thinking?

Rodney Harrison claims to have said that he trusted Eli Manning more in the fourth quarter than he did Tom Brady. The Welker drop helped solidify his point.

Wait, say that again. A former Patriot said that he trusted Manning more than he did Brady in the fourth quarter. Harrison was right. Eli Manning was the man and the Giants are the Super Bowl champions.

How did the Giants do it?

They utilized the flats and completed passes to their tight ends and fullbacks. They ran the ball well. Bradshaw, Jacobs and Ware ran the ball effectively. Manning made the plays when they were needed. He didn’t turn the ball over. Brady did.

At the end of the day, Tom Coughlin solidified his spot as a potential Hall of Fame coach.

If you listen to the NY media, Coughlin was on life support as a coach. Now, he is writing his ticket for as long as he wants to coach in New York.

News and Notes

In the last two fourth quarters against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Eli Manning is 19-28 for 270 yards and has completed 14 first downs.

As some of you know, my day job is an Assistant Principal. Can I call Chase Blackburn to substitute teach tomorrow for a math opening? Blackburn, according to Justin Tuck, boxed out Rob Gronkowski and pulled down a rebound/interception to help secure the game.

No way that Vince Wolfork doesn’t weight close to 450 pounds. Holy cow that is the biggest human alive.

Wes Welker has the smoothest mustache in sports but his dropped pass in the fourth quarter allowed the Giants to get the ball back on their key scoring drive. Did anyone see that he shaved his mustache for his press conference after the game?

Madonna was cool but why did she have Cee Lo Green with her?

My son and I both wish that Danny Woodhead was still a NY Jet.

Eli Manning finished the game 30-40 for 296 yards and a touchdown. Not only has Eli Manning won two Super Bowl Championships and also won two MVP’s during the Super Bowl, he has defeated Tom Brady in both of those Super Bowl wins.

Hakeem Nicks had 10 catches for 109 yards.

Thank you C Rob! It took a lot because you are a Cowboy fan to route for my Giants.

Rachel Nichols is hot.

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