In Case You Missed It – 1/27/12

27 Jan

By Dawn Dziuba

Hello Missed It fans! This weeks installment was inspired because I heard Johnny Cash through Pandora and thought, hey maybe I should watch “Walk the Line” again. Here you go, this weeks review takes us back to 2005 when Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon lit up the screen in Walk the Line. For those who may not be into this type of movie, it was a great picture. It is pretty much about the story and life of legend Johnny Cash as he started out in making music and then him coming into his fame.

Now, if you’re a fan of his music this is a movie for you to catch because no one could have done him better than Joaquin Phoenix. His voice is low and sultry just like Cash’s and it was a real treat to watch him perform so much like the real thing. What set Johnny Cash apart in his day was his look and sound. That has been matched perfectly here and you really have to do a double take when you hear him sing for the first time. However, your probably thinking, “Gee I really don’t want to watch an entire movie of just him singing.” Well, fear not because while Phoenix did an awesome job with Cash, Witherspoon plays June Carter, an already big star that Cash meets up with and eventually tours with. She does southern belle like no other star can, and she’s got the voice to back it up too. Reese is just as captivating as Phoenix in this one and you will find yourself not knowing who you want to see more of. She even nabbed the best actress Oscar for this one, and well deserved it was.

From what I have read about the movie, it is close to actual events that happened while you’re famous and on the road. Cash deals with his own personal demons in fame, drugs, and love. Oh those famous musicians and their wild ways. He travels alongside Carter, but also Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and records alongside Elvis at one point and you see the history of America as it passes through the movie as well. Cash also is dealing with a wife and family at home, wife played by Ginnifer Goodwin, who also plays a great role in this one. The soundtrack alone is worth this watch, and you won’t be disappointed from the acting and singing throughout. Personally when seeing this the first time, I really didn’t know the story of Cash’s life, but I found myself moved and rooting for him by the end of the film. Sure he can be a jerk at times, but oh when he opens his mouth to sing, all is forgiven. There is inspiration in the people that Cash encounters in this tale that leave you feeling all fuzzy inside, and then you see Phoenix deliver a great performance of what happens when you choose to leave drugs behind. All in all this was a great story, and a great story done well makes for a great movie in my opinion. So get your popcorn and turn the TV up loud for this one and enjoy! Until next time fans!!


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