Coaches Corner – 1/23/12

23 Jan

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Coach’s Corner 4

January 23, 2012

The Passing of Joe Paterno

I debated how to write this article all day. Do I talk about Joe Paterno’s accomplishments as a coach or his lack of acting in biggest “game” of his life? Paterno won more games in college football history than any coach and recently passed away at age 85. But when presented with news that long time Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was sexually molesting young boys, Paterno failed to make a goal line stand that was needed.

America is a society that is quick to forgive. But should we forgive Paterno? Paterno, by all accounts, reported the information to administration. When nothing happened, Paterno moved forward. Did he have trouble sleeping? Did he think that the information was not accurate? Did he directly confront Sandusky?

I can’t imagine a coach not confronting another coach about these allegations. Friend or not, coaches are decisive and not afraid to confrontation when needed. How could Paterno look at Sandusky without inquiring? Was he covering up the actions of a friend or did he believe he had done everything that he could?

As a father, I can’t forgive Paterno. Have the abused children forgiven Joe Pa or sad that he passed?

It appears that Happy Valley has forgiven Joe Pa.

Is that fair? I am not sure. Only you can tell how you will remember Joe Pa. Will it be for the wins, his positive relationships with so many players or are you going to remember what he did not do for kids?

NBA Observations

I will be the first to admit that I was wrong on Kevin Love. The guy could throw a hell of bounce pass in college. I never thought that he would become the player that he is today. The man is a double double machine…The Spurs do an outstanding job evaluating talent. Point in case this year is Danny Green. The former Mr. New York State Basketball ,UNC Tar Heel, and NBA journeyman has emerged as a valuable defender and three point shooter…DeAndre Jordan, the jumping jack from Texas AM and current Los Angeles Clipper is leading the NBA in block shots is as much fun as Blake Griffin in the open court with CP3 throwing the lob passes. . . The Knicks are currently un-watchable….Delonte West is one of the scariest looking dudes I have ever seen….As my buddy Derrick DeWind pointed out. . . Shaq looks funny in a suit… When Shaq was a senior in high school in San Antonio, Texas, his high school team won the state championship and went 36-0. Shaq played for a school on a military base because his father was stationed in San Antonio…I think during one calendar year, the WNBA has four or five full seasons. I am looking forward to seeing a Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls Eastern Conference finals. Reigning MVP Derek Rose Vs King James would be one for the ages.

At 6 wins and 10 losses, the Knicks are five games behind the Philadelphia 76ers (George and Big E must be loving this.) The key to the 76ers success must be that of color commentator, Malik Rose. You can only use humor at this point with the Knicks. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a better record than the Knicks. Granted, they have an explosive point guard in Kyrie Irving but come on…they are the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With that said . . . . The Knicks would be in a tie for fifth if the playoffs started today. And our brothers in blue, the NY Giants have proven that all you need to do is get in the playoffs and anything can happen.

Danilo Gallinari . . . . come on…career high 37 points against the Knicks on Saturday night? How about the play of the big Russian center Timofey Mozgov? He had 16 points and 7 boards. Lots of folks now are second guessing the Carmelo trade but it had to be done. Melo will be fine…. He will get out of his shooting funk because he is a big time player. 100 out of 100 times you would pull the exact same trade.

Josh Harrellson’s injury is a tough loss for the Knicks. He has become an excellent reserve off the bench with a nice touch from the three point line. In the last Coach’s Corner, I had Harrellson as a key to turning it around for my Knicks.

Steven A Smith is reporting that there have been discussions between the Knicks and Magic involving Dwight Howard. Smith believes the trade for D Howard would include A’mare and Tyson Chandler. My initial thoughts are to pull the trigger immediately and make it happen. I love A’mare. I know the Melo trade brought me back to the NBA but I have to admit the signing and hard physical play of A’mare was what made Knicks basketball relevant again. My son, Andrew, loves STAT. He still sports his A’mare jersey and is totally against the trade.

Tyson Chandler is a winner and if he stays with the Knicks the team will continue to take on his persona.

But if the Magic agree, Dwight Howard is the best defensive player in the NBA and turning into a 20 and 15 guy. I make that trade in a New York minute.

The next move is to bring in Phil Jackson to coach the Knicks next year.

Yankees Observations

Can you believe that spring training is less than a month away? Joel Sherman, from the New York Post, is reporting that Johnny Damon really wants to return to New York. Johnny Damon is fan favorite and a winner. He still has some pop in this bat but I have to think that the Yankees are going to explore all options before making a decision.

I still think he will have a decent year this year, but AJ Burnett name continues to come up in many trade speculations. Essentially, if you want to take his part of his contract this year and next, he probably will be on the move. Burnett has been linked to Cleveland and the Chicago Cubs. I think he stays in New York. At times, his stuff is down right filthy.

Yankee killer Marco Scutaro was traded to the Rockies. Thank God! The average Red Sox is a Yankee killer.

Jorge Posada will have his press conference this week to officially announce his retirement.

College Basketball

My boy Coach Schott has agreed to provide some insight into the Big East Conference. Look for some fascinating and in-depth coverage of the best basketball conference. Coach Schott is a knowledgeable and passionate sports fan. He is also a former Division 1 college basketball player and current high school coach in Upstate NY.

At press time, his dark horse in the Big East is Cincinnati.

I am trying to get some inside information regarding Fab Melo and if/when he could return to the Syracuse line-up. Melo doesn’t score a ton, but he is 7 ft tall. His presence, shot blocking and rebounding was missed against Notre Dame. Notre Dame has defeated the #1 ranked team 8 times in their basketball history.

My Syracuse contact said that the University has been tight lipped about what the ground truth is Melo.

Texas News and Notes

A special shot out to my man C Rob from San Antonio. C Rob claimed to enjoy my last coach’s corner but wants more of a Texas flavor. Here you go – C Rob!!

The Spurs fell to the I-10 rival Houston Rockets Saturday night and Tim Duncan didn’t play. He wasn’t hurt . .. Coach Pop wanted to rest the big man.

Has Coach Pop worn a tie yet this year? He likes to sport the open collar dress shirt and suit coat.

I am here to promote more love for Tony Parker. It seems his name is never mentioned as an elite point guard. Parker is a winner and this year he is carrying much more of a scoring load since Ginobili has been hurt. Parker is extremely dangerous in the open court and has developed a nice jump shot to go along with the floater he has perfected. There are stretches that Parker is flat out un-guardable. If I could get Parker to the Knicks . . . . . that would be what the Knicks need.

The Texas A&M Aggies are leaving the Big 12 and joining the SEC. Yes, that SEC that year after year has the National Champions.

They move to the SEC with a new coach, former Houston Cougar coach Kevin Sumlin. Sumlin is an excellent recruiter. This will be key in their move to the SEC. Houston is a hot bed of top notch high school football players. That talent will be needed in College Station if the Aggies want to be competitive.

Before we evaluate the move, let’s examine their expectations. If they are going to the SEC with the mid-set that they will be an average football program (similar to their days in the Big 12) then they will be an average team. They will continue to get excellent athletes year in and year out and continue to underperform.

Let’s face it . . .Kentucky and Vanderbilt do not scare you. Tennessee has been down. They could easily win a few conference games. Possibly upset a team each year.

But if A&M believes that they are going to compete for a conference or national championship, they have a ton of work to do. LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida(not this past year) are national contenders year in and year out.

Bottom line, the Aggies are a mediocre team. That will not be good enough in the SEC.

The Houston Astros were a terrible team last year. They finished 56-106. Is help on the way? Well, not from the minor leagues. Check out a breakdown of their minor league ball clubs.

Triple A Oklahoma City was 68-75

Double A Corpus Christi was 50-90

Single A Lancster was 55-85

Short Season Single A Tri-City was 33-42

Rookie Greenville was 25-43.

Not one team had a winner record at any level. Ouch! Again, I thank my father for making me a Yankee fan.

Has the big league club added any talent?

Nope. Jack Cust hit .213 with 3 home runs and 23 RBI was signed to a one year deal. It appears no one wants Wandy Rodriguez or his contract either. It appears that this team is in worse shape than the NY Mets. Double Ouch! I didn’t think anyone could be worse than the Mets.

The club appears to be going nowhere quickly.

But the Texas Rangers appear to be headed in the right direction. Led by Nolan Ryan and Ron Washington, leadership appears to have the Rangers on track to do damage this for the long run.

The biggest question will be if Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish can make the jump from star in Japan to star in America.

I have a feeling that Nolan Ryan knows what he is doing and Darvish will be the most successful Japanese pitcher in America. Now, what does that mean? Japanese pitchers have not been successful so far, so we shall see. A posting fee of over 50 million and a 6 year 60 million dollar contract is a huge investment the Rangers made for Darvish.

I think Prince Fielder will ultimately end up in Dallas with the Rangers. If that happens, the Rangers will beat the Angels and win the West.

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3 responses to “Coaches Corner – 1/23/12

  1. Big E

    January 23, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    Lots to deal with in this one. By far your best one, B. I try to get in as much as I can.
    The PSU/Paterno thing is too crazy to deal with. Not sure who’s fully truthful & who is CYAing it. To me, everybody f’d up.
    Hard to get a gauge on the NBA’s middle of the pack, i.e., Sixers, Pacers, Knicks in the East. Sixers have had a cake schedule, but are routing who they should. This group of Sixers is responding Coach Collins & no one is trying to get theirs. They lost to the Knicks on the 3rd of 3 straight games….Knicks had 2 or 3 days to prepare. That makes the NBA hard to get a good grip on. In my opinion, if you wanna win, sayonara Dantoni. Great pick & roll coach, but no defensive clue.
    If Damon wants a payday, he’ll go to the Yanks. He’ll make double what anyone else will pay…just the economics of the MLB.
    A&M made a good move…don’t wanna get stuck w/o a seat when the music stops. They’ll mix in a special season or 2, but nothing consistent enough to be a Top 10 powerhouse. The Horns will always have the recruiting edge just because of who they are.
    You can thank Ed Wade for the Astros woes. He was not good enough as the Phillies GM, but did a great job building the Phillies as Houston’s GM…see Lidge, Oswalt, Pence.
    Fab Melo has an academic issue he needs to resolve.
    Just a Villanova opinion…not a fan of them. They can’t recruit big-time players over 6’5″ or 6’6″ because they don’t coach post play. They can stockpile guards like nobody’s business, but big guys don’t wanna go there.
    Love Tony Parker & how Coach Pop develops & utilizes his talent.
    College hoops gets more unwatchable with the lack of superstar players. Think how good it would be with JR & SR superstar players. Now, every Freshman thinks they are a potential 1st rounder. Look at the D-League. Most of them have trouble adjusting to European ball b/c they are actually coached & expected to be part of the whole.
    Sorry B, got a little off topic. Great job with this one.

  2. c rob

    January 23, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    Awesome. Wish there was good news to report from tx.

  3. 1OfficeOver

    January 24, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Among other things, I couldn’t disagree more about the Carmelo trade. I think teams that sacrifice the future for the big player almost always implode. The Knicks, perpetually looking for the last piece, never quite there. The timberwolves and thunder are two good examples of drafting well and growing talent. Enduring a few rebuilding years is much better than being a bad team for decades.

    On a side note, google Rick Reilly’s column on JoPa this week. Changed my whole point of view on the man.


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