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21 Jan

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Coaches Corner Part 3

January 21, 2012

Are the Yankees done making moves?  Is Phil Hughes the next Yankee to go?  Are the Yankees prepared to go into camp with uncertainty for the DH position.

By all accounts out of NYC, “Trader” Cashman is exploring the possibility of dangling Hughes to land a serviceable DH.  Let’s not forget, two years ago, Hughes won 18 games for the Yankees and was an All-Star.

I still think Hughes has a place in New York and hope that the reports out of NYC are not true about the possibility of a trade involving him.

Love the debate with my Philly friends regarding the Yankees and Phillies.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Phillies but they should win the National League East every year with their eyes closed.  If they played in a division like the American League East – they might not make the playoffs.  How you like that George Remaily and Big E?  Seriously, think about that statement for a moment.  See you in October.

My next Yankee article will deal with the prospects still left down on the farm since we traded Jesus Montero.  My son told me the other day that he would only forgive the Yankees if they won a World Series for that trade.

In unrelated news, the New York Mets were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs today.

Don’t you think that the confidence and swagger that the Giants have right now is eating Rex Ryan alive?  This is what he envisioned with the Jets this year.

Rex Ryan did predict the Ravens to win over the Patriots and said that Terrell Suggs was unblockable.

Brandon Jacobs responded to NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice’s comments of calling him soft by saying that Rice wouldn’t want to hit him.  Even though Ryan and Jacobs had words after their game, what if Jacobs  ended up with the Jets next year?

Still love the Bart Scott’s classic interview with Sal Pal after the Steelers playoff game.

Say what you want about Ray Lewis’ off field problems many years ago (Big Ben also) but the guy is a warrior.  I can’t help to think that if Ray Lewis was a NY Jet they would have never fallen apart.

But I do think if the Ravens offense fails and they get blown out by New England, Ed Reed and others from the defense will continue to call out Joe Flacco.

My son’s favorite comment regarding Ed Reed is from T-Sizzle

Ed Reed was Ed Reed

And he has an awesome beard.

The Jets lacked that guy who wouldn’t allow a team to fall apart.

To me, it seems that L.T. should have been that guy for the Jets.  His comment that the Jets locker room was the worst he has ever seen was sad.  Does that mean that Rex Ryan is on the hot seat next year?

Say what you want about Rex Ryan, if I were an NFL player I would want to play for him.

My favorite New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers playoff memory is a hit that Leonard Marshall put on Joe Montana.  I don’t know if the quote is accurate or not but my brother and I remember when asked what hurt Montana replied, “Everything hurts.”

I hope that the Giants defense is able to get enough pressure on Alex Smith so that I can report the same.

A lot has been made of the potential weather conditions in San Fran for the game Sunday.  I honestly believe it doesn’t give either team a disadvantage.   You can expect an excellent game played by both sides.  I originally picked the Giants 24 to 14.  I am going to amend my pick to Giants 21 and San Fran 17.  I am calling either a Justin Tuck blocked punt (you heard it here first) or an Aaron Ross interception.  One will be for a touchdown.

I also am guaranteeing a Salsa Dance by Victor Cruz.

My next question is if I cook chicken wings or fajitas for the game Sunday?

Did Alex Smith’s excellent performance guarantee him a big pay-day and also take the 49ers out of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes?  Is Peyton Manning going to be a Colt next year?

I know Peyton will not end up in New York with the Jets as many Jets fans are foolishly dreaming.  Why would Peyton come play with a team as dysfunctional as the Gang Green?

It is fun to speculate where Peyton will take snaps next year.

Let’s look at the job Jim Harbaugh has done this year.  He left a Stanford program that had established elite status.  By all accounts he was going to go to the 49ers and Andrew Luck would leave school to be reunited with his college coach.  Then Luck decided to stay in school.  How did Jim Harbaugh respond?  He took a team that just one year before was pitiful and has them a game away from the Super Bowl.

He turned Alex Smith into a quarterback that is growing up in front of us (finally) and Vernon Davis of “Can’t play with him and don’t need him.” Into a star.

Hats off to Coach Harbaugh for his success.

Who will be the next Jimmy Graham?  As you know, Graham, the All World tight end for the Saints only played one year of college football after playing basketball at the U.

Think about this for a moment.  Michael Jordan dominated basketball forever and decided to give baseball a try.  We know how that turned out.  What if . . . bear with me now . . . what if Lebron James won a championship this year and decided to play football for one year?

We all know James hasn’t played since high school but where would he go in a draft?  If the hype around Tim Tebow can get him drafted in the first round, where would James get drafted?

First round? Top 10?  Top 5?

Think about this for a second.  6’8 and 260 plus pounds of muscle.  Imagine him playing with Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees?  If he was in a spread offense what kind of numbers would he put up?

It is fun to think about and discuss.

For the record, I will never “Tebow.

I want to thank my father for making me a New York Yankees fan and not a Mets fan.

Knicks thoughts….

Spike Lee is known for sporting a Landry Fields jersey while sitting courtside.  I can’t wait till he shows up in a pair of jean shorts or jorts in honor of Josh Harrellson?

Funny as it is, Harrellson deserves more time and might play a key role in any turn around the team hopes for.

Watching the Clippers and Mavericks play the other night made me really miss Big Shot Chauncey Billups.  I am really hoping that Baron Davis can be the answer. 

JR Smith, in China, which is comical to begin with, has been linked to the Knicks.  Smith shot almost 40 percent from the three point line last year with the Nuggets and had over 20 games with 3 or more three point shots made last year.

Smith is border line crazy, but maybe that’s what the Knicks need.  Instead of watching Shumpert and Billy Williams firing three after three late in the game, maybe JR Smith would be a better option.  Limiting the number of shots that Shumpert takes and giving some back to Landry Fields is also needed.  Fields is a much better shooter than his percentage indicates now.

Charles Barkley, before his weight watcher diet, claimed that every successful team had to have a crazy guy.  If that is the secret to success, then we should sign JR Smith.

If Smith signs with the Knicks, don’t count out Kenyon Martin, another ex-Nugget and a player with an attitude, joining in the Knicks in March.

I did get tickets for my son and I to attend the Knicks and San Antonio Spurs game on March 7th.

Did you see Lebron James say after they destroyed the LA Lakers that growing up in high school he always enjoyed watching Kobe Bryant play?  Is Kobe that old and Lebron that young?

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  1. c rob

    January 21, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    Like the blog. Just mix in some texas teams if you could!!


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