The Phillies are NOT the team to beat

19 Jan

by Yankee Todd,

The Phillies are not the team to beat!!!

 The Yankees are and they will win the World Series. 

The Yankees are the team to beat.  They have been the team to beat since 1995.  Heck, if the strike wouldn’t have occurred in 1994 they might have won it then and given Don Mattingly a well deserved ring.  But that’s a separate story.

The Yankees are going to win the American League next season and will beat the Phillies in the World Series.  If you ask my son, they will win in six games.

Here are five reasons why the Yankees will win the World Series in 2012.

1)      Robinson Cano. 

Quite possibly the most dangerous and feared hitter in the league today, Cano is the heart and soul of the Yankees.  Cano plays the game with an infectious smile.  When he first broke into the big leagues, many predicted that he would win a batting title.  I think that year is upon him.  Robinson Cano will also be a contender for the American League MVP.  A dominating performance by Cano will propel the Yanks to the top.

2)     The continued power of Curtis Granderson

Grandy was dandy last year, providing a pop that the Yankees desperately needed.  Imagine how many quality pitches he will get if he bats in the two hole?  A hot hitting Granderson will continue to make the Yankees forget about who they traded to acquire him.

3)      The pitching staff

Yes, I said it.  What has been their biggest question mark in years past will be a strength this year.  Staff ace CC Sabathia, down 15 pounds, is hoping to prevent another late season let down. He will rebound to the dominate ace and return to CY Young consideration.  When Sabathia is on, he is the bulldog ACE that I would match against any pitcher in a one game playoff.  Ivan Nova and Michael Pineda will be a solid second and third options.

Sit down for this next statement.  After trying to dump his contract on anyone and Cashman wasn’t able to find any suitors, AJ Burnett will have a very good season.  I am not saying that we will not have any huge melt downs or first inning’s from hell, but I think in a no pressure situation, AJ will be fine.  Remember he was a very dominant pitcher with the Blue Jays and when he is on his stuff is nasty and filthy.

The fifth spot will be a battle between recently acquired Hiroki Kuroda, Freddy Garcia, and Phil Hughes.  I give the nod to Kuroda which means that both Garcia and Hughes will start in the pen and give the bullpen tremendous depth.

4)      Brett Gardner

I anticipate a huge year on the base paths for Gardner.  I could easily see Gardner stealing 70 or more bases.  With the line-up healthy and dangerous, pitchers are going to have to concentrate on the hitters thus giving Gardner lots of room to run.  With Gardner setting the table, he could easily lead the league in runs scored.

5)      A healthy A-Rod

You can tell how bad A-Rod wants to help the team, he traveled to Germany to see a specialist so that he would be healthy this year.  A healthy A-Rod makes his team even more dangerous.  I do not believe we will see any more MVP trophies from Rodriquez but I do not think 25 home runs and 100 RBI are not out of the question.

Here is my everyday line-up for the Yankees in 2012

Brett Gardner

Curtis Granderson

Robinson Cano

Alex Rodriquez

Mark Texieria

Nick Swisher

Andruw Jones/DH slot (Matsui?)


Russell Martin

(I do think Jeter will bat in the 8/9 hole the entire season but in my opinion, the best lead-off option is Gardner.

I think the Yankees will win between 100 and 105 games this year.  What do you think?

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6 responses to “The Phillies are NOT the team to beat

  1. georgeremaily

    January 19, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Yankees will not even win their division… Bobby Valentine and the Boston Red Sox will win the AL EAST…….. Red Sox pitching is better than the Yankees….. Jeter year older…… A-Rod will he return healthy…….. Robinson Cano awesome player…. Curtis Granderson will not have a season like he had in 2011…… The Rays are there too………….. Phillies pitching way better than the Yankees…….. The Phillies have a true closer in 2012 that the Yankees know very well and who knows the Yankees very well too……………..

  2. Big E

    January 19, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    100-105 Wins ??? Not a chance. I say 95 at best. Pineda ran out of gas after the All Star Break. Garcia will be a malcontent if relegated to the BP. A-Rod’s healthy now…but he is a year older. No Posada is a huge loss. Russell Martin will get hit on the hand & be out 2 months.
    Phillies won’t make it b/c they stop hitting in October. But they can pitch.
    I’m probably wrong…that’s my M.O.
    I hate all teams except the Philles…& that’s fading like their hitting.

  3. Dpd

    January 20, 2012 at 12:42 am

    Yankees won’t even be the best team in NY this year!

    • yankee

      January 20, 2012 at 11:39 pm

      Derrick…you are a funny man. The Mets are terrible.

  4. yankee

    January 20, 2012 at 7:42 am

    The Phillies pitching staff is awesome but without a healthy Howard, the team won’t have it this year. As my buddy Big E out of Philly says their bats stop working in October.

    • Big E

      January 21, 2012 at 11:46 am

      They’ve gone from an offensive team to a team that relies on pitching & defense. They can’t play station to station ball when needed. Star players are getting older. NL East has gotten better…on paper. I still see them winning 92+ games. They’ve added some veteran bats that should help. We are tough on our teams here. Every loss is blown out of proportion. But when they lose, it’s usually because the bats take the day off.


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