The Help Review

17 Jan

By Steve Farace

Every time you think that Emma Stone has possibly made a clunker of a movie, she shuts you up. When a movie paints such a vivid picture of how times were during our history it will be an instant hit. That is exactly what The Help has done. I did not see The Help when it came out in theaters because there was such a low profile surrounding it that I just didn’t think it was worth it. I will always admit when I am wrong and boy was I WAY off on this one.


This movie is obviously about a time period in the United States when wealthy white families would employ black women to clean their house and raise their children. The help was not allowed to even use the indoor bathroom and would be fired for doing so because “they carry different diseases than white people.” Viola Davis does an amazing job depicting what the help used to go through during those dark days in this country. She plays a very convincing role and along with Octavia Spencer really digs deep into the emotions that surrounded the entire situation.

Emma Stone plays the person that wants to get the voice of the help out there and to show what they go through. She was discouraged from doing so throughout the entire movie and really was risking the life she knew in moving forward with the book she was writing that was full of interviews of different helpers from around the area in Jackson, Mississippi.

This movie is worthy of every award nomination they get and so are the actresses. The movie was very well done and a very pleasant surprise for me as a critic. If you like movies that depict certain eras in the history of this country, or simply like Emma Stone then this is a movie that is without a doubt worth seeing.

Final Word – 4 Stars

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