How to Play Against the Zone

16 Jan

By Carl Cabey

A lot of people are wondering when Miami’s big 3 is on the floor, will playing a 2-3 zone defense stop them. While you can’t play it the whole game, opponents have been able to play it sparingly and it’s been able to slow The Heat down. That seems to be their next kryptonite. There are a few ways to attack the zone. The most effective way is to hit 3 pointers. Coach Erik Spoelstra doesn’t always put in James Jones who would seem to be a zone buster. When a healthy Mike Miller comes back, and Shane Battier getting more comfortable into his role that problem should be solved.

Another effective way to prevent the 2-3 zone from hurting the Heat is playing good defense. The way Miami now likes to run if they play good defense and get a stop or a turnover the opposing team won’t have time to setup in the 2-3. One concern not being talked about is getting rebounds on the offense and defensive end. If Miami can get an offensive rebound then they have an easy put back and would force the team to go back to man to man. It’s not believed to be more than a speed bmp for the Heat as while they still have a good record despite struggling against it. Coach Erik Spoelstra has limited practices, but will be sure to work on that next time he gets a chance

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