Coaches Corner – 1/16/12

16 Jan

by Yankee Todd

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January 16, 2012

Eli Manning deserves MVP consideration.  I am not saying he will win it, but considering what he has done this year with the injuries and playing in NYC, he has had a tremendous year………Peyton is the best Manning QB of the brothers, but the gap between Eli and Peyton is closing quickly . . .If we are going to review every play in a football game, I hope we can get it right.  That fumble early on in the Packers and Giants game was a terrible job by the officials on the field (originally called it a fumble then reversed it) and then allowing another official to review it and allow Green Bay to keep the ball screams of conspiracy. …..The late hit on Aaron Rogers needed a discount double-check. ….The Giants are an early 3 point underdog against San Fran……Early pick is Giants 24 and San Fran 14.

The San Antonio Spurs lost Manu Ginoboli early in the season to a wrist injury.  He was the playmaker that the team needed.  Most felt, in a short season, would be the down fall of the Spurs.  But the play of Richard Jefferson, TJ Ford, Danny Green and Tony Parker has picked up the scoring load more.  The Oklahoma City Thunder are the best team in the West and the way Kobe Bryant is playing currently for the Lakers makes them the favorites, but the Spurs should not be counted out.

I learned that you should never play poker with Brian Cashman.  After standing pat most of the off-season, the Yankees traded a young stud in Jesus Montero.  Montero, by all accounts, has the ability to be a Manny Ramirez type of player for a long time.  When the trade first broke with Seattle, I thought King Felix would be coming to the Bronx.  But he wasn’t and I immediately remembered the Jay Buhner and Ken Phelps trade of many years ago.  By all accounts, this trade should benefit both teams for a long time.  The Yankees could not go into another season with a make shift pitching staff.  The young gun or killer B’s from the minors are probably a year away.  Michael Pineda, a legit #2 starter has all the tools to be an outstanding starting pitcher.  Can he do it in the Bronx?  That’s another question.  Jose Campos, a 19-year-old that was also acquired in the deal, has a live arm and great control but is ticketed for probably Class A ball this year.  My take . . . good move by Cashman.  But I hate to see Montero go west.

The Yankees then signed former Dodger pitcher Hiroki Kuroda.  Kuroda had an excellent ERA (3.07) and posted a 13-16 record last year.  The key with any pitcher that comes from the National league to the American league is how will they adapt to the hitter friendly league?  But for a one year deal, it’s a no brainer by Cashman.

Sabathia,  Ivan Nova, Pineda, and a combination of  A.J. Burnett, Freddy Garcia, Kuroda, and Phil Hughes is a pretty good staff for the Yanks.  How is Joba Chamberlin healing from surgery?  If the number of tweets he has sent is any indication, he will be fine next year and is a key part of the bullpen.

The Knicks recently named Carmelo Anthony captain. . . . By all reports, Baron Davis should begin practicing soon.  MSG reports that this could be as early as Thursday.   Did the acquisition of Tyson Chandler have Knick fans believing that they would be playing for a championship?  Of course it did.  Was that fair?  No.  The Knicks have many weaknesses that Baron Davis alone cannot fill.  Are they a playoff team?  Of course.  Could they do damage in the playoffs?  Of course.

Melo is recently quoted as saying that the team needs to have more fun.  Is that the key?  Here are my keys to victory.

My keys to Knick victories include –

1)      Health.  Melo and STAT need to stay healthy.  Baron Davis needs to be healthy.

2)     Outside shooting and scoring of Toney Douglas needs to continue to improve.

3)     Iman Shumpert needs to shoot less.

4)     Tyson Chandler needs to take control of the paint.  The attitude and swagger need to start with him.

5)     Melo needs to take over the offensive side of the ball and elevate his teammates.  He has the capability to dominate ala Kobe or Dirk.  If Melo can do that, then this team has the chance to make some noise in the Eastern Conference.

Word of advice to any NFL executive . . .draft any player from Alabama or LSU. . . . The Syracuse Orange basketball team is the #1 ranked team in the country.  One reason . . .their bench.  Their bench leads the nation in scoring.  Imagine how competitive their practices are? . . .  . . My son Andrew’s early line on next year’s World Series… Yankees in six over the Phillies.

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