In Case You Missed It – 1/13/12

13 Jan

By Dawn Dziuba,

Hello Cinesportstalk fans! I am back. Now, I know that I have been away for awhile, and for that I’m sorry. However, here we go with another installment of In Case You Missed It! This weeks review is for a little diddy that I saw called Zombieland. With the country in full zombie swing I figured why not.


I have to say that while I wasn’t very enthusiastic to see this movie, it was a pleasant eye opener. It had action, comedy, and my favorite, witty humor. The movie stars none other than Woody Harrelson who happens to fit right into these movies. Jesse Eisenberg also stars with Emma Stone. The plot pretty much is the zombie epidemic has started and Jesse, playing Columbus, wants to travel to see if his parents are still alive. Of course along they way he picks up people here and there for a good ole hack and slash type movie. Now Columbus isn’t the stereotype “action movie” kind of character, and they didn’t over do it for this movie either. That’s where Woody Harrelson, Tallahassee, comes into play. His gun-slinger type ways are just what Columbus needs to get his goal done. Tallahassee happens to have his own way of doing things, and I will tell you it is very enjoyable.

Basically if you like zombies getting killed with everything under the sun you will enjoy this one.

Now, I won’t lie and say that this movie was the Oscar bound type, and to tell you the truth I’m not into scary movies. Zombieland provided a good balance between blockbuster hit and horror which is exactly where I like it. The creatures were done well, and you genuinely wanted them to make good on the journey. I guess that would be a hit in my eyes. While making their way through the mid west they run into cameos and pick up Emma Stone’s character along with her younger sister. To me some of the best parts of the movie are when they show the “rules” that Columbus follows to keep himself alive on the zombie ridden road. Some of those rules are just plain funny, others you find yourself putting a mental note for in case there ever is a zombie apocalypse. Hey we have all seen the “Walking Dead.” For instance, rule number one, Cardio. Then they cut to demonstrate how he has used that rule successfully. I think you get the idea.

The biggest surprise is seeing Bill Murrays cameo in this movie, and some will say it was well worth watching the movie to just see his part in it. I tend to agree with that to a point, but my husband found himself laughing hysterically.

All in all this movie was a laugh out loud shocker in my eyes. I didn’t think it would be so successful. Also, courtesy of IMDB, there is a Zombieland 2 slated for sometime in 2013. That is one I think I will be looking for. Until next time fans! šŸ™‚


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