Scott’s Top 10 Films of 2011

28 Dec

Hey all! Scott here.  I saw so many great movies in 2011, so it was hard to narrow the list down to ten films.  There are many films such as Hugo, The Descendents, The Adventures of Tintin, Warhorse, and The Artist that I didn’t get a chance to screen.  So, I’m sure my list as with any list will be up for revision.  Out of all the movies I have seen, these are the ten films I’ve narrowed to my favorites of the year. I’m interested to know what your favorite films of 2011 were. Drum roll…

10. Bridesmaids

Going in to Bridesmaids, I had the feeling it would be a run of the mill chick flick that my wife would love and I would earn brownie points for having attended. Little did I know that I would end up enjoying the movie more. Bridesmaids is BRILLIANT! If you haven’t seen it yet or if you think it’s just for women, you are missing out and are misinformed. Go buy this one on Blu-Ray yesterday!

9. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Another movie I had reservations about seeing that turned out to be awesome!  The special effects are seamless and this version reinvents a franchise that had gone absolutely AWOL with the Tim Burton/Mark Wahlberg version.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes is pure movie magic that sets the tone for future Apes movies for years to come.

8. Win Win

Win Win is a great coming of age story about a lawyer/high school wrestling coach who takes in a troubled teen for all the wrong reasons, and ends up teaching the kid some life lessons, as well as learning a few himself.  Funny,poignant film that should’ve been seen by a lot more people. Chances are you haven’t seen or heard of Win Win, but I promise you it will put a smile on your face!

7. Drive

Ryan Gosling and Albert Brooks are outstanding in a film about a daytime movie stunt driver that moonlights as a getaway driver for hire.  Sudden bursts of violence and a great script had me recalling Pulp Fiction circa 1995.  Drive will be out on Blu-Ray in a couple of weeks and you will not be disappointed.

6. Super 8

Take bits some bits of E.T. and sprinkle in a little bit of The Goonies and you have the great Super 8.  If you have been yearning for a movie that brought you back to the movie going  days of the 1980’s,look no further.  J.J. Abrams’s obvious homage to Steven Spielberg is a classic monster movie told from a child’s perspective that requires surround sound and a box of Kleenex! 

5. The Tree of Life

Nomadic director Terrence Malick’s highly personal take on the meaning of life is admittedly not for everyone.  You will either love it. or despise it. There is no middle ground on this one.  Either way, The Tree of Life is a must watch for its stunning cinematography.  Give it a chance and maybe, just maybe, it will hit you like a freight train.

4. Moneyball

Great movie for everyone. Don’t think Moneyball is targeted at only baseball fans. Moneyball is a movie about how a low-budget baseball team thinks outside the box to compete with the juggernaut big budgeted New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The Feel good movie of the year.

3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I just gave you the feel good movie of the year. I now present you the self-proclaimed “feel bad movie of the year”. I have seen the Swedish trilogy and while they are all good films, David Fincher’s version is a bigger,meaner, bad ass machine of a movie. Rooney Mara is absolutely incredible as Lisbeth Salender. Mara turns in a star making performance.  Be prepared to be mesmerized and extremely disturbed.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The most successful franchise in movie history ends with a bang.  I have seen HPDH2 three times now and it gets me every time.  This movie is perfection.  It is the best in the series and in any other year I would say it was the best movie of the year. Nonetheless, pure movie magic.

and my number 1 film of 2011 is…..

1. Warrior

Lionsgate really dropped the ball when it came to promoting Warrior.  Nobody has seen this movie and it demands to be seen by a wide audience. In my opinion, Warrior was hands down the best movie of 2011. You don’t have to be an MMA fan to enjoy this film.  Nick Nolte,Tom Hardy, and Joel Edgerton are fantastic as a family trying to make amends with a haunting past. No movie resonated with me more.  I felt emotionally drained the SECOND time I saw Warrior in theaters.  Do yourself a huge favor and go rent or buy Warrior on DVD/Blu-Ray. It is phenomenal!

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