Dark Knight Rises – The First 7 Minutes

14 Dec

Hi everybody! Scott here. I had a choice last night between getting some much needed rest or drive about 35 minutes to see a press screening of the 6-7 minute The Dark Knight Rises prologue at IMAX. Factoring in the fact that I will also be seeing it tomorrow before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, I decided that it would be better to spread the word to our loyal viewers. If you heard or read anything about the prologue, I can tell you that what is being said is balls on accurate. Below is a description, followed by the good and the bad.


Summary- The opening shot is of Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon eulogizing the late Harvey Dent. We are immediately taken to an airfield where federal agents detain 3 masked men and board a plane. The majority of the prologue takes place on the plane as Tom Hardy’s Bane is revealed. Bane dominates the prologue and the scene is basically him putting his big plan in full gear. There isn’t really a need to go into detail because the scene doesn’t make much sense when standing on an island. It will be much more coherent once it’s viewed with the film in it’s entirety. After the airplane high wire act, we get a montage of shots ranging from Gotham City in chaos, Anne Hathaway’s character being escorted in a police car, Batman fighting as snow falls, Batman shooting what looks like a super soaker, and a really cool shot of the Batwing in motion. The last shot is of Bane walking with Batman’s crushed mask in hand. He throws it to the ground. The End.

The Good

1. The overall look of the The Dark Knight Rises is phenomenal. Watching this film on an IMAX screen when it is released in July is a must.

2. The stunt work on the airplane is absolutely mesmerizing. It reminded me a lot of Joseph Gordon Levitt navigating through the air in a scene from last years Inception.

3. Bane. Bane. Bane. Tom Hardy promises to be menacing and it’s obvious they will showcase Bane in full beast mode.

4. The end montage.I loved it! This film looks like it’s going to be DARK. The shots at the end had me wondering if The Dark Knight Rises ends on a happy note. I’m not so sure.

The Bad

1. My only MAJOR complaint is Bane’s dialect. He sounds like Brad Pitt in Snatch. I understood him completely the first few times he spoke, but after that, it’s as if he is speaking another language. The scene is on an airplane and there is lots of background noise, so my only hope is that Christopher Nolan purposely made it impossible to understand because maybe he DOESN’T want us to know what Bane was saying. If that’s not the case, Nolan has some work to do.

2. This prologue didn’t resonate with me the way The Dark Knight opening heist scene with the Joker. I know it isn’t fair to compare, but I couldn’t help it. The Dark Knight prologue was PERFECT!

Overall-Pretty freaking awesome. The Dark Knight Rises prologue did it’s job. I wanted to watch the whole movie immediately, but who doesn’t? Is it July yet? Go get your Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol tickets this weekend at the IMAX and let me know what you think!

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