CP3 Finally Out of New Orleans and Heads to Clippers

14 Dec

Steve here.

Did anyone really think that the NBA was going to allow Chris Paul to remain with the Hornets all season? C’mon man! The Hornets would have wound up with nothing if they had let Paul play this season out with them. They would have been the Cavaliers and Raptors of the world and not the Nuggets. Just as the Heat have created the blue print for a “Big 3”, the Nuggets have created the blue print on getting an ample amount back in return for a star player as they did last year when they traded Carmelo Anthony to the New York Knicks.

Now Paul gets to play in Los Angeles for that “other” LA team. From some of the initial reports out there, he will only commit to the Clippers for 2 years and then they will have to worry about resigning him. The Clippers are going to have to make an aggressive push towards the playoffs and actually do some damage in the playoffs for Paul to resign. For now, it will be pretty exciting to see Paul to Blake Griffin over and over again. Now, the real question is are the Lakers going to react to this? Will they now flinch and attempt to get Dwight Howard even though the Magic have now said he is “off the trade market?” Only time will tell, but for now this is a huge victory for LA’s second team.

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One response to “CP3 Finally Out of New Orleans and Heads to Clippers

  1. Candido Hernandez

    December 27, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    I believe Lakers will HAVE to do something. Their team is not good enough to compete right now even with Bynum. Pull the trigger and give everything for Howard. Kobe and Howard and sign Arenas who wants to plsy with Howard and you have a pretty good foundation.


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