Reyes bolts Mets and takes talents to South Beach

05 Dec

By Steve Farace

Of course when I say South Beach , I mean Little Havana.

Well, the Mets have discovered a new way to disappoint their fan base. Jose Reyes has bolted from the New York Mets and is now going to be a Miami Marlin. So, who is to blame for this? Is it Reyes? Is it the Mets? Adam Rubin of ESPN had an interesting take on this question. He says that it is more the fault of the commissioner Bud Selig than anyone else. How so?

Well for starters, Selig has given the Wilpons a very long leash when it comes to finances. That is a leash that was not given to Los Angeles Dodger owner Frank Mccourt and even though they were bankrupt. Now, the Mets have lost their star shortstop as the Dodgers lock up their franchise player Matt Kemp with $160 million. Anyone else see a problem with that? Adam Rubin hit the nail on the head. This is not the fault of Reyes. Who can possibly blame him? He left a team with an owner saying he wasn’t worth the money to go to a team that is welcoming him with open arms (and open wallets). He left a team that has all but assured they will be a last place club the next couple of years to a team that is thriving with a new stadium and a new financial outlook.

I will now turn my attention to the reaction of some of my fellow Met fans. Some are saying that it is good that he left because he was always hurt. Some are saying he is just another disloyal baseball player that took the extra money. Some are saying that the Marlins overpaid and that it is their problem now. Here is my response to those reactions:

He might have been hurt a bit more than your average player (he missed 40% of the Mets games over the last 3 years), but when he was on the field he was the most exciting player in the game. To see him go from home to third on a triple or from first to home on a bloop double was one of the most exciting times of a Met game.

Disloyal baseball player? Please. It is not as though he took a few million more to leave the Mets. He took $26 million more! He took a guaranteed 6th year on his contract and what person (forget just ball players) doesn’t want stability. This is the most absurd of all reactions. The Mets didn’t even make him an offer – they were out from the beginning, which makes them not trading him at the deadline last year even more ridiculous. Bad business by the Mets yet again.

The Marlins overpaid – that is a true statement. However, they did not overpay for what they were trying to accomplish. The Marlins needed a big-ticket free agent to become respectable and to get their fan base energized and they have done just that. Will they regret the contract in the long run with injuries? Perhaps, but they did what they needed to do as they move into their new stadium. The Mets did the same with Pedro Martinez and eventually got Beltran and Delgado and got to within one game of the World Series, so the Marlins should not be criticized about this deal.

The Marlins now have arguably the best shortstop in baseball (don’t tell Hanley). They have a player that can ignite a team on his own. The Mets have lost that same player and will now replace him with Ruben Tejada with Angel Pagan moving to the top of their lineup. How does all of this effect David Wright? Expect the worst, why should we think they will handle that situation any better?

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One response to “Reyes bolts Mets and takes talents to South Beach

  1. Barbara

    December 6, 2011 at 12:22 am

    Excellent article! I think there are going to be problems between Reyes and Ramirez.


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