Wounded Birds put down by Brady & Patriots

28 Nov

by George Remaily

Juan Castillo, the defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles and his defensive unit, came into Sunday’s game against the

New England Patriots hoping to continue to ride the success they had the week before against their division rival the New York

Giants. It did look good early as the Eagles jumped out to a quick 10-0 lead and the defense was aggressive and was putting heavy

pressure on Tom Brady.  The thing is, in the NFL it is a sixty minute game.  The Patriots and Brady adjusted and torched the

Eagles, 38-20.

The Philadelphia Eagles came into Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots with some confidence after they just beat

up their divisional rival the New York Giants the week before.  The defense of the Eagles dominated the Giants. Juan Castillo had a

good game plan and Eagles fans hoped for another good performance by the Eagles defense against the New England Patriots. It

did look good for the Eagles defense early in the game.

The Eagles defense came out early pressuring Tom Brady and knocking him done.  It appeared that the Eagles had a good plan.

The thing is in the NFL it is sixty minutes long not two series in the NFL. Tom Brady and the Patriots made adjustments. The

Patriots started to run the ball successfully.  Tom Brady started to look like a surgeon at work. He just cut apart the Eagles

defense.  The Patriots started to move the ball up and down the field with effectiveness.  It appeared as if the Eagles defense

stopped pressuring Tom Brady and they paid for it. The Patriots offense totally dominated the Eagles defense throughout the


Juan Castillo again just looked like he was overmatched and had no clue what was going on.   The Eagles defense started to look

like it has all season long. They were out of position, receivers wide open, and big plays were happening.  Juan Castillo and his

defense were just cut apart by one of the best surgeons In the NFL quarterback Tom Brady.  It looked so easy for Brady during the

game and he just cut apart the Eagles defensive unit.

The battle between Juan Castillo and Tom Brady was very one-sided.  You could say at points if this was a boxing event, the

white towel would have been thrown in.  The defense looked like they gave up and wanted no more.  It is said that your team is the

character of your coach.  Well the Philadelphia Eagles defense is that.  The defense isclueless, out of position, and has no heart.

Juan Castillo is overmatched and it totally showed against Tom Brady and company.  This was no battle this just proved that Juan

is overmatched and just has to go.

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