Look back at Canes ’08 draft class

28 Nov

by Carl Cabey,

In 2008 Miami signed the #1 recruiting class in the nation according to every major paper.  Let’s take a look at how it went

QB: Cannon Smith (rs Jr.).  Smith came to the class late; he was supposed to give the Canes some depth at QB.  After one season he transferred to Memphis, he was the backup to Ryan Williams who ironically has transferred to Miami and will compete with Stephen Morris for the starting job next season.

Tyler Cook (rs. Jr).  Cook was a 3 star out of Texas.  He is the prototype at QB standing at 6’7 and coming out of a pro style offense.  Cook how ever felt he didn’t get a fair shot and decided to transfer.

Jacory Harris (Sr.), Harris seems like he has been the QB for the Miami Hurricanes the last decade.  There isn’t a college player who has been criticized more than he has.  In Harris’ defense he’s had 3 offensive coordinators in 4 seasons.  He is the all time leader in Pass attempts and 2nd in touchdowns.

RB: Patrick Hill is the only RB in that class.  He was later moved to full back.

K: Jake Wieclaw (rs.jr) just started getting playing time this season after being stuck behind do it everything Matt Bosher.  Wiecla’s has been consistent this season and kicked the game winning field goal against USF.

ATH: Davon Johnson (rs. Jr) Johnson has had problems seeing the field at WR.  He got a little bit more playing time this year but mostly with special teams.  He will return next season and with a lot of receivers moving on he may have his chance after a move to CB.

John Calhoun (rs Jr) Calhoun has been a part of an inconsistent corps at TE.  He has been a decent run blocking TE and will work to make his senior year a memorable one next year.

Zach Kane and Brandon Marti-no longer on the team

DE: Andrew Smith (rs. Jr) – Smith seen a lot of playing time this season as the defensive line suffered injuries all year.  He has been average he hasn’t had very many games where you heard his name all day.

DT: Mincanor Regis (Sr.) Regis has been able to clog up the middle and been decent but not great for the Canes.  He has the potential to make it into the pros as a late round pick.

Marcus Forston (rs. Jr.) Forston came in as a 5 star recruit.  He was getting Warren Sapp and Vincent Wilfork comparisons.  He has battled injuries and has not been able to live up to the hype.  He flirted with the NFL after finish a strong end to his sophomore season but decided to come back for a junior year. After being suspended the 1st game he had a solid couple of games before being injured for the season.  He will have one more year to live up to strong expectations.

OL: Ben Jones (rs. Jr) Jones has been the 6th man of the oline so far in his career.  He will battle for a starting guard spot next year.

Brandon Washington (rs. Jr) Washington has been the MVP of the offensive line.  He has played every position except center.  He recently said that he would no declare for the NFL draft.

WR:  Aldarius Johnson(sr.) Johnson had a strong freshman year, but got hurt in the 1st game of his sophomore year and never really got back to the reliable target he was his freshman year.  In the beginning of the season Johnson was kicked off the team.

Thearon Collier (sr.) Collier began the season as a very consistent slot receiver.  Collier was later kicked off of the team and transferred to USC.

Kendall Thompkins (rs.jr) Thompkins hasn’t been able to see much of the field this since becoming a cane.  He is a hard worker and has one more year so expect him to make a big push for a starting role with so many receivers leaving.

LaRon Byrd (sr.) Byrd has had an up and down career at Miami.  He didn’t have the senior year he had expected to have.  Byrd has the size and hands that could make him a possession receiver in the NFL, but he will need to work hard.

Tommy Streeter (rs. Jr) before this season Streeter had been pretty much invisible.  The 6’6 receiver made a nice catch in last seasons bowl game and his career took off from there.  Streeter went from just Tommy Streeter to Tommy “touchdown” Streeter.  He has a decision to go pro or stay for one more season and try to make it in the 1st round.

Travis Benjamin (sr.) Benjamin has been a fan favorite explosive target.  If Lamar Miller stays in college he will more than likely be the Canes highest draft pick.  He has had some great games and has disappeared in some games.  With his speed you would have liked to see him do a little better in special teams but still did a solid job and because of his elite speed made you hold your breath every time he touched the ball.

DB: Ramon Buckhannon (sr.) Buchanan switched from linebacker and defensive end throughout his career. He was supposed to be the player with the speed to be everywhere on the field and make an immediate impact.  Unfortunately for Buchanan he battled injuries during his career and it took him longer than everyone would have liked to get back healthy.

C.J Holton (rs. Jr) Holton has not been able to see much the field other than special teams and has since been moved to running back

Vaughn Telemaque (rs.Jr) Telemaque has been a very solid safety for the Canes.  He has the possibility to go to the NFL, but may return if he wants to be a 1st round pick.  Telemaque doesn’t have many interceptions but has been the last line of defense and made a lot of touchdown saving tackles.

Brandon Harris (NFL) Harris has pretty much lived up to the hype while he was at UM.  Harris was the starter at cornerback from day 1 and started all his games before entering the draft after his Jr year and becoming a 2nd round pick.

C.J Odom and Joe Wylie are no longer with the team

LB: The Linebacker position was the strongest position of this #1 recruiting class.  It was supposed to be what brings the Canes back; with this group they were once again going to be linebacker U.

Arthur Brown (sr.) Brown was considered as many as the best high school player in the nation. Brown showed flashes early on in the spring game but struggled learning playbook and schemes and that caused him not to be on the field as much.  Brown transferred to Kansas State after his sophomore year where he is having a solid season including a game where he helped the Wildcats defeat the Canes.

Jordan Futch (sr.) Futch came out of high school knows as the big fast linebacker than can’t be blocked.  However he has not lived up to those expectations.  Futch didn’t see the field much more than special teams until his senior year.  This year he started in some games but wasn’t consistent and at times was too aggressive.  Futch may get a look late in the draft if he has a good pro day.

Marcus Robinson (sr.) Robinson has switched from DE to OLB a lot this season.  He hasn’t been able to stay at one position but has been decent not great.  His versatility may help him get into the NFL.

Sean Spence (sr.) Spence has lived up to all of his expectations.  He came to the canes with the reputation as a leader and a player who is everywhere on the field and for four seasons Spence has been just that.  He’s going to have some question marks going into the league because of his size depending on the scheme.  Spence will get all ACC honors.

Gavin Hardin and Antonio Harper are no longer on the team.

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