Giants vs Dolphins preview

30 Oct

by David Joaqui

The 0-6 Miami Dolphins head into MetLife stadium on sunday to play the 4-2 New York Giants. The last time these two teams met was in 2007, when the Giants escaped with a 13-10 victory in London, and gave the Dolphins their 8th loss of the season, making them 0-8. The Giants and Dolphins are once again in similar circumstances. The Giants fighting to keep the best record in the division and the Dolphins trying to get their first victory.

During there last meeting Eli Manning went 8 of 22 with 59 passing yards, and rushed for 25 yards and a touchdown. Cleo Lemon outshined Eli with 149 passing yards on 17 for 30 attempts and a touchdown. What worked well for the Giants was there run game. Brandon Jacobs rushed for 131 yards on 23 attempts. On the other side of the ball Jesse Chatman had 79 yards rushing on 16 attempts for the Dolphins. Both Tynes and Feeley missed a field goal.

The Giants stole a victory from the Dolphins in London because they underestimated the Dolphins, even at 0-7. In the same situation as last time, the Giants can not underestimate the 0-6 Dolphins. Even though they are 0-6, they’ve had some pretty close games, and still have many playmakers on both sides of the field. Brandon Marshall can still be the Brandon Marshall from Denver who could haul in 10 passes anytime, he just needs to get his personalities in order first. Matt Moore has played this Giants team twice before, going 1-1 against them and beating them 41-9 in the Giants last game at Giant Stadium. And on defense, if Vontae Davis and Sean Smith get on the same page and live up to their preseason hype of best 1-2 corners, they can make Eli’s day harder than he already makes it on himself.

A benefit for the Giants is that this bye week has done there injuries well. Brandon Jacobs, Justin Tuck, and even Prince Amukamara are all health again. Which just makes this team stronger and more complete than before. And it couldn’t come at a better time with the Giants remaining schedule including games against the Patriots, 49ers, Packers, and Saints.

I don’t expect this game to be another repeat of the Seahawks disaster and believe the Giants put this one away early.

Final score: Giants 33 Dolphins 13

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