Dolphin Disaster

21 Oct

by Dawn Dziuba

With week six coming to us there’s one question on every Phins fan’s mind, “What will Sparano do this week?” I was thinking that since the beginning of the year really, but then I had a strange idea. How about instead of blaming just the coach you make everyone accountable? Whoa, I know that’s deep, but in all honesty the Dolphins have no one to blame but themselves. Brandon Marshall has dropped a potential TD pass in the last 3 games and apparently can’t run on the sideline either. The play calling in the red zone is so baffling that my 87-year-old grandmother was yelling at the tv saying, “You idiots need to run to the outside!” That’s pretty bad when she even sees the disaster that is Dolphin’s football this year. It is so disheartening as a fan to wait 7-8 long months for football only to see your team eat the big one all year. Usually I’m pretty positive about these things too, I can always have something to look forward to. I can’t say that this year and it really sucks. Shoot I can’t pull out one positive thing that the Phins have shown me this year and that is really the bad part.

So with this weeks game at home against Denver and the return of Tim “I cry a lot” Tebow, the Phins will try once again try to get a win. Wonder what they will do to self destruct this week? I know, I know, they will have a punt blocked for a touchdown, and then Moore will get knocked out of the game and then our third string QB will come on the field and finish the game with another interception. I should be a Swamy. Ok I do love my Dolphins and will continue to cheer them on every week, but it’s getting more and more depressing. Something needs to change and these players need to wake up and play some football. It’s only what they get paid for anyway sheesh! Until next week!
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