Is Jerry Angelo feeling the heat?

13 Oct

by Carlos Nazario

Is the Bears defense getting old, or is this group of veterans just undisciplined, as Jerry Angelo suggests?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article calling for the firing of Jerry Angelo. Many bloggers and beat writers have also been heavily criticizing Angelo and the moves he has done this offseason.

To go along with letting offensive line captain Olin Kreutz go over $500K, Angelo also let go of tight end Greg Olsen for a pick and defensive tackle Stephen Paea, the Bears 2nd round pick in this last draft, has yet to play a down.

It is no coincidence that after the above mentioned moves: 1-The offensive line has done a rotten job of protecting quarterback Jay Cutler. 2-Kellen Davis has not been able to adequately replace Olsen. 3-The defensive line has had trouble pressuring the opponent’s quarterback.

The defense has been getting torched all season. It ranks 29th in total yards, and 21 in sacks.

So does Angelo feel that he may have let the defense age a bit with 6 starters over the age of 30? Apparently he does not buy that reason.

In an interview on the team’s website, Angelo was asked about that, and he responded to it.

“I’m not convinced that it’s a matter of age as much as it has to do with a lack of discipline. We’re giving up way too many big plays, and those big plays are coming because of poor fundamental thinking and/or execution of basic techniques. That’s where the real frustration comes in. I don’t look at it as we’re too old. We’re too experienced to be making those mistakes.”

Yes, you heard it correctly. Jerry Angelo blames the poor performance of a defense that has several potential Hall of Famers on a lack of discipline. That should go down very well for the defensive players.

He also goes on to set blame on the inordinate number of false starts the offensive line committed (8).

“It was a lack of poise. We didn’t handle the surge of that atmosphere, which we all expected.”

So to recap, instead of trying to stay positive for a team on the brink of disaster, Jerry Angelo decides to go to the website and call them undisciplined and lacking poise. Perhaps Angelo is feeling some of the heat and is trying to deflect it all onto the players so he can keep his job. Way to keep up the team’s morale, Jerry.

Perhaps the McCaskey family will view Angelo’s performance with the Bears as undisciplined and lacking poise as well.

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