NBA Lockout Update

07 Oct

by Candido Hernandez

Saturday marks day 100 of the NBA lockout and the last week has had me riveted. While the preseason has been officially cancelled by David Stern since a deal was not reached by the deadline that the commissioner gave, the NBA owners and the players association are inching closer to a deal. Seems like the sides have agreed in principle on having the current soft cap continue bringing an end to all that hard cap end of the world scenarios people have been floating around. They will be raising the luxury tax on those teams going over the cap with an escalating scale. The higher you go the more you will be paying on the dollar. Sounds like some kind of Obama socialist plan to me, or at least that’s what Republicans want me to believe. I call it fair and balanced. The one major stick up right now is the revenue split between players and owners. The old CBA called for the players to get a 57% to the owners 43% split in the revenue and after months of bickering back and forth the owners have put a 50-50 split on the table. The players have apparently drawn the line at 53% so the posturing continues. I believe they will meet in the middle or some kind of deal that makes both sides look good. Now that you’re caught up let’s get to the other interesting thing that happened during the meetings.

A week ago the players and owners had a contentious meeting where voices were raised when both sides were at a breaking point. According to reports, David Stern while admonishing the players did the most unspeakable thing. The NBA commissioner had the nerve to point, or wag depending on the reports, his finger at the players. This was obviously the gauntlet being thrown down and one player in particular was not going to stand for it. Dwyane Wade reportedly yelled out “You’re not pointing your finger at me. I’m not your child”. This led to the players nearly storming out. I would have loved to see Dwyanes face when he realized David Stern was wagging his finger disrespectful like. I imagine it was something like this.

The owners were said to be a little taken aback by the way the players rallied around Wade and it showed they were united. Yea, whatever, how about you guys just get to bouncing that orange basketball and the owners get back to sitting in their suites sipping on kimono dragon blood or whatever it is millionaires do. It looks like the NBA will be back in session very soon giving me a good escape from having to watch my terrible Miami Dolphins and the Suck for Luck-a-thon that is their NFL season. Sigh. Oh, and if you guys are thirsty for some basketball there will be a charity game taking place at FIU on Saturday night which will be televised locally in Miami and streaming online. Check it out for your fix. Until next week.


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One response to “NBA Lockout Update

  1. JonnyIsCooL

    October 8, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    I love how you never fail to mention Obama or republicans in anything you do… lol… but it was an interesting read my friend.. kudos to you :-).. lol


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