In Case You Missed It – 9/30/11

01 Oct

by Dawn Dziuba

Hello Cinesportstalk fans! Dawn here to give you a little different movie review. Recently nothing has been blowing my skirt up in the theaters so I have been leaning more towards what is on HBO, Encore, and other various movie channels on cable. Hell, we pay all that money for 200 channels plus, so why not? Therefore, I came up with a movie review idea for movies that I didn’t catch on the silver screen, or ones that I have never heard of. Bottom line is these will be my picks for you to either watch now or to not waste your time with. Hope you enjoy!

Machete is now playing on HBO

This week’s review is for a movie called Machete. From what my husband tells me, it was advertised a bunch. I don’t remember having seen it, but it was a great flick. It’s currently running on HBO, and I’m sure you can rent, download, or buy the DVD or Blu-ray for it as well. The movie was released last year and stars Danny Trejo. He’s the token [insert Hispanic star] kinda guy. Other stars include Michelle Rodriguez  (hottie) and Robert De Niro. The basis of the movie is an enraged ex-federal agent who tries to get revenge against his former boss. Yes, it has some twists and spins in it, but I don’t want to give too much away. If you like a classic hack and slash type movies, this is also your cup of tea. Director Robert Rodriguez puts on a very un-Sin City like movie and uses it to be more action oriented. The story is easy to follow, and being a fan of really witty writing, there were “LOL” moments that I still go back to watch.

The plot is simple to follow and easy to digest. Sure, it’s a little unbelievable at times, but a movie like this has to be. Basically, Danny Trejo (“Machete”) takes a, well, machete, and hacks his way to his goal. Machete gets help from friends throughout the movie, and you will see stars such as Jessica Alba who plays an immigrant agent, and Cheech Marin who is a priest help him along the way. Machete is mistaken for just another labor worker and gets framed for trying to kill a US Senetor, Robert De Niro. Michelle Rodriguez (“She”) helps Machete get started on his journey of revenge by being the badass she usually is in movies as a rebel. Beyond that you can sit back and relax for the rest of the hour and a half movie and enjoy all the blood, gore, and overall witty humor that is wrapped up in this film. Plus, there is a great theme song that has to do with Lindsey Lohan and Machete in a pool. It’s classic. All in all it was a very entertaining movie if you’re into this type of genre. It was a fresh idea from Hollywood for a change and I hope that Rodriguez continues to produce great films like this one. Until next week, movie goers!


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2 responses to “In Case You Missed It – 9/30/11

  1. scott

    October 3, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    GREAT review. I love me some Machete!


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