Guillen goes online, says he’s going to Marlins

27 Sep

Steve here. So, Marlin fans, are you happy? Is this what you wanted? Will this take you guys to the next level? Well…maybe. I think that the Marlins needed some type of spark and if this isn’t a spark I don’t know what is. The question is this: will the product on the field be made any better with the addition of Ozzie as the manager? He has made it be known that he was and is in it only for the money so does he really believe in the talent that the Marlins have?

They will move from South Florida to even more South Florida (damn near Cuba) and they change names from the Florida Marlins to the Miami Marlins next year. The type of personnel changes remain to be seen. They need to work on their pitching (like most teams in baseball) and they need to work on being more consistent so they don’t have another month like they did in June.

I think the Marlins are a very talented team, but they have a lot more to work on than just hiring Ozzie Guillen. He signed a 4 year deal worth $16 million, but how long will he be the manager? Remember that this is the organization that fired both Freddi Gonzalez and Joe Girardi (both company men) and Ozzie Guillen LOVES to get into verbal altercations with anyone that will entertain it.

One thing is for sure – there will not be another boring day in Marlin-ville as long as Ozzie is their manager.

Guillen goes online, says he’s going to Marlins –

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Posted by on September 27, 2011 in Baseball, Sports, Steve Farace


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