Time for Bears to drop Angelo

26 Sep

by Carlos Nazario

Jerry Angelo may not be smiling much more if the Bears continue to struggle.

Watching how much the Bears offense struggled on Sunday against the Packers and over the last season and a quarter, many upset fans chimed in on who is to blame for the trouble.

* The offensive line should be to blame for not opening holes for the running game or for failing to protect Cutler.

*  The wide receivers are to blame for dropping catchable passes or for not getting open quicker.

* Jay Cutler is to blame for not getting rid of the ball fast enough or for not throwing the ball away.

*  The coaches are to blame for not formulating a good game plan or making proper adjustments.

Yes, a mixture of all the above has contributed to the Bears offensive woes. There is a bigger reason, however. His name is Jerry Angelo.

Since Angelo took over as general manager, the Bears have won 3 division titles and have made a trip to the Super Bowl. Their record in the postseason is a mediocre 2-3.

Compare the Bears during Angelo’s tenure to other successful teams and you can see that his time in Chicago leaves much to be desired.


                                                       # of Division Titles

                        Playoff Record

 # of  Super Bowl Wins













Angelo has also had a bad track record when it comes to drafting in the first round. In his tenure, Angelo has drafted 8 players in the first round. They are Marc Colombo, Michael Haynes, Rex Grossman, Tommie Harris, Cedric Benson, Greg Olsen, Chris Williams, and Gabe Carimi.

Colombo was cut after a few seasons, then spent time with the Cowboys and now is with the Dolphins. Williams is one of the members of the offensive line taking heat. Haynes was a defensive tackle who played 3 seasons with the Bears then did not take another snap in his career. Grossman led the Bears to the Super Bowl, and was out of a job the next season. Harris played well at times before being cut by the Bears and Colts this offseason. Benson has spent more time sorting out his legal troubles than actually playing. Olsen spent 4 nondescript seasons with the Bears until he was traded to Carolina this offseason. Carimi is a rookie so he has not shown anything one way or the other yet.

In an interview on ESPNCHICAGO.COM, Angelo defended the Bears offensive line and his handling of improving it. The Bears allowed 56 sacks last season, and this season have already allowed 14 sacks in only 3 games.

“We did everything you could possibly do to that [offensive line] position,” stated Angelo. “Nobody did more than the Chicago Bears.”

Is that so, Jerry? You let your longtime center, Olin Kreutz, go over money. Ok, I agree with that. You then bring in Chris Spencer, to replace him. Spencer cannot even start on a line that has no true center. The Bears are forced to move guard Roberto Garza to play a position he hasn’t played since college. Spencer is playing guard now because of an injury to Lance Louis.

He did everything he possibly could? There is a player out there who could help in two positions. Shaun O’Hara is a center who could also play guard. He is also a native of Chicago and expressed interest in playing for the Bears. He was not cut due to poor play, as he has been a Pro Bowler for the past 3 seasons. He was a casualty of the new salary cap. A high quality player who wants to play for his hometown team is rejected, but Angelo did everything he could.

Another high quality player available is Flozell Adams. Perhaps you may recognize him. He was the starting right tackle for the AFC Champions Pittsburgh Steelers in last year’s Super Bowl. He is a five-time Pro Bowler and also resides near Chicago. He was still playing at a high level and would be a strong upgrade for the Bears. But Angelo did all he could.

In that ESPNCHICAGO interview, he said “We like our eight linemen. That’s not an issue.” You like your eight linemen and have no room for 2 high quality Pro Bowlers?

Another weakness for the Bears is at wide receiver. They have small receivers who are no better than 2 or 3 receivers. There is no big, number 1 receiver on the team.

What does Angelo do? He goes out and signs Roy Williams. Williams was a first round pick of the Detroit Lions. He had one Pro Bowl season, but was a disappointment there. It says a lot when an organization like the Detroit Lions consider you a disappointment. He was later traded to the Dallas Cowboys, where again he disappointed. The Cowboys cut him this offseason and Angelo signs him. The criticism of Williams is his propensity to drop catchable balls. Well, in the preseason, he had as many dropped passes as catches (2). In the regular season so far, he has missed a game due to injury and has caught 4 passes for 55 yards and on Sunday had a dropped pass in the end zone.

Angelo had a chance last season to go after Vincent Jackson or Anquan Boldin. This offseason, Plaxico Burress, Braylon Edwards, Jericho Cotchery, Santonio Holmes, and Malcolm Floyd were but a few receivers available. Any one of them would be an immediate upgrade for the Bears. Jerry Angelo says he did everything he possibly could.

Looking at the minimal fixes made on the team, one might think maybe the Bears do not have enough room under the salary cap. This would be a reasonable thought. The Bears, however, are nearly $20 million under the cap. They can make a few moves and still be reasonably under the cap still.

Angelo can say all he wants about doing everything he possibly could to improve the Bears. What speaks volumes, however, are his actions. Everyone sees the product on the field and what was and still is available to make those improvements and his words ring hollow. Until the McCaskeys realize that the problem is Angelo and make an upgrade at the general manager’s position, what we are seeing now may be the start of a downward spiral for this great organization.


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3 responses to “Time for Bears to drop Angelo

  1. CineSportsTalk

    September 26, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Good article. Sorry about your Bears! Steve.

    • Carlos May Nazario

      September 27, 2011 at 5:50 pm

      Thanks, hopefully they can turn it around. Nothing like having to face Carolina to cure what ails ya, lol.

      • CineSportsTalk

        September 27, 2011 at 8:58 pm

        I just hope for the Bears and their fans that this doesn’t become a trap game for them. The Bears need this game to start gaining some momentum.


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