Dolphins offense productive because of Henne?

14 Sep

by Dawn Dziuba

Henne play well in the season open against the Patriots

Prime time is one of the best times to watch football. When the New England Patriots came to Sun-Life Stadium in week one Phins fans were asking one question. “What is Chad Henne going to do tonight?”

True, he had a productive preseason and it did look promising, but Phins fans have been telling themselves that since he was drafted in 2008. As a die-hard fan you can’t help but compare him to Marino because, let’s face it, we are all just spoiled. However, when Monday Night Football did come around there was a different story, and Henne was the narrator. The story kind of went like this, ok boys and girls today I’m going to throw 1 touchdown, run for one, and throw for over 400 yards against the New England defense. You had to see it to believe it. Henne’s final numbers were 2 touchdowns, 416 yards passing, one interception, and at the end of the day a 93% quarterback rating. Not to shabby for a guy who has taken some severe beatings from the fans and critics in the off-season. Myself included as that became a favorite hobby of mine in the offseason. There are some holes in the Patriots defense, but I don’t think anyone would have predicted Henne being so effective. He spread the ball out and finally used Fasano like a tight end should be used. He had a great one-handed catch for 22 yards that let to the rushing touchdown by Henne a play later. Brandon Marshall lead the receiving core with 7 catching for 139 yards. They seem to be getting more in sync than they did in preseason. All in all the offense did look good. They have to keep that kind of production going all year-long. There was some coaching problems with goal like plays, and they really need to work on getting out of a hole when you’re in deep and starting at your own 2 yard line, but first things first. 

Now to the other side of the ball. The other question that Phins fans were asking going into Monday night here is, “Man I wonder if Jason Taylor can get another sack on Tom Brady?”

That answer is, hell no. I say that because in Jason Taylor’s career no one has sacked Brady more. True fact. Brady did what anyone in his position would, and that is to totally exploit the corners of the Dolphins. Alright I’ll say it! No one in this league runs the no huddle offense better than Brady. Oh god I think I just vomited a little. That being said the only sack that the Phins got was when Cameron Wake finally made Nate Solder, tackle for the Pats, realize that he is the rookie and Wake is the pro. Nolan Carroll was Brady’s bitch that night and it was just embarrassing the way he ate him up play after play. The run defense was way better in only giving up 106 yards on the ground, but by the end of the game you could just see the Phins D struggling. That’s when Brady threw to Welker for a 99 yard touchdown. Oh by the way the Dolphins have released CB Sapp only 24 hours after Welker gave him the stiff arm to run 99 yards in a record-breaking touchdown pass that Monday. Great now the D for the Dolphins is stuck with Carroll and Wilson as the backup corners. Well, I guess if Davis doesn’t drink enough water again this week Sparano will choose to put Wilson in as his backup. Good luck Wilson Matt Schaub is one hell of a thrower too, and the Dolphins will have their hands full again this week when the Texans come to town. Now, you might be thinking, “Wow Dawn your pretty hard on your team!” My response is I expect great things because believe it or not there is talent on this team, and they are going to have to figure out a way to make that talent work or it’s going to be another long season for the fans.

In closing if Henne can keep doing what he did Monday night the Dolphins are going to win games. The holes in the defense will plug up, and changes will be made. Henne can lead this team, he has proven that, it’s just up to him to want to do it.

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One response to “Dolphins offense productive because of Henne?

  1. scott

    September 15, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Nice article!! In Henne we trust! ( maybe)


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