Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Review

28 Aug

You Won’t Be Afraid of the Dark

The latest from Katie Holmes is a disappointment

Hey guys, Scott here.  As a big fan of horror flicks, I was really anticipating Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. After watching and then re-watching the trailer for months I thought it had a hint of genuine creepiness.  I can’t really sit here and say it is a bad movie, because it’s not. It’s just not a film that is worthy of your theater going dollars.

Architect Alex Hurst ( Guy Pierce) and his interior designer girlfriend Kim (Katie Holmes) invest all of their money in an old Gothic mansion with hopes of restoring it and turning a profit.  Alex’s young daughter Sally (an excellent Bailee Madison) comes to live with them and very quickly discovers that the contents of the home don’t just include antiques.  I guess the real estate agent forgot to mention that the house is infested with little gremlin like trolls who hate bright light and like to eat teeth from small children. I guess that would hurt resale value. When strange things start happening around the house like Kim’s clothes getting chopped up and Alex’s straight razor disappearing, guess who gets the blame? Correct! That would be the malcontent Sally who is having trouble adjusting to her new environment.

How many times have we watched the tortured young child see monsters, ghosts, and dead people, only to have their mannequin-esque parents refute any and all evidence of their existence?  I don’t know about you, but if my son or daughter tells me they see tiny gnomes crawling out of the air vents, I’m going to investigate.  I’m setting up video cameras, motion sensor machines, and a rat trap for good measure.  Okay maybe not the rat trap, but rest assure, I will do my due diligence. But alas this doesn’t happen in any horror movie until the last 20 minutes.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark doesn’t have even one remotely scary jump out of your seat moment. While I was never to the extreme of being bored, I was also never enthralled. The characters are all paint by numbers and the script has them doing all the idiotic clichéd things stupid people do in horror flicks.  I am actually shocked and confused that it got slapped with an R rating.  There is no violence, foul language, or anything remotely disturbing.  It is a Tales from the Crypt episode dragged out to an hour and forty minutes. That’s not to say it doesn’t have some good qualities.  First time director Troy Nixey does a great job of  getting the look and atmosphere correct and the little creatures don’t have that CGI look.  Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark just doesn’t have many good qualities that merit a recommendation.  Do yourself a favor and Don’t Be Afraid to check this one out on DVD.

Final Word – 2 Stars


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