Why Does Cutler have the “Soft” Tag?

24 Aug

Bear fans are hoping they can finally see Jay Cutler smiling with a Super Bowl trophy






Since the start of training camp, one question has prevailed. Well, okay, two. First, how will the offensive line hold up, and second, will Jay Cutler show people he is not soft?

I do not get how Cutler got that tag. He was taken out of the NFC title game last season, then suddenly he is the softest quarterback in the league. How did this happen?

Bleacher Report took a look at the first 64 games of some of the elite quarterbacks, and compared them to Cutler’s 64 career games. Here is a comparison.

Jay Cutler63 games (one missed), 84.3 QB rating, 14,963 passing yards, 95  touchdowns, 74 interceptions,  2,070 attempts. 

Peyton Manning64 games, 85.2 QB rating, 16,418 passing yards, 111 touchdowns, 81 interceptions, 2,226 attempts.

Brett Favre63 games (one missed), 86.9 QB rating, 14,825 passing yards, 108 touchdowns, 64 interceptions, 2,145 attempts.

Drew Brees: 58 games (six missed) 85.7 QB rating, 12,127 passing yards, 79 touchdowns, 53 interceptions, 1,782 attempts. 

Tom Brady: 63 games (one missed) 87.7 QB rating, 13,919 passing yards, 97 touchdowns, 52 interceptions,  2,015 attempts.

Most fans still love Cutler

As you can see, in yardage, compared to the elites, Cutler has more passing yards than all of them except Peyton Manning. He has fewer interceptions than Manning, however.

With these numbers, why the vitriol towards Cutler?

Cutler just doesn’t jump around and hog the spotlight like many players. Even though he hails from Santa Claus, IN, he never looks very jolly. Being overly demonstrative is not in his nature.

Here is his opinion on endorsements: “I was in Denver, not a huge market, came to Chicago and haven’t really [sought out] a lot of marketing opportunities because we haven’t accomplished what I want to on the field yet. Until we get to the Super Bowl, win Super Bowls and are successful there, then I don’t think it’s right for me to go out there and venture into those other markets.”

An athlete who wants to win championships BEFORE doing endorsements? What a novel idea. With many players making headlines off the field on the police blotter, the only news about Cutler during the offseason was his breakup with reality television star Kristin Cavallari.

What is most disconcerting is the criticism Cutler took from other players. Players such as Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew ripped Cutler for not finishing the game. Interestingly enough, Jones-Drew missed the last two regular season games last year, which the Jaguars lost, and helped cost them a division title and a playoff spot. For Jones-Drew to criticize a player who was in the conference title game was ridiculous.

This training camp, Cutler has trimmed down a bit and it is evident that he has worked on his footwork. He has shrugged off all the criticism from last season and is only looking forward to this season. He is looking to lead the Bears to another Super Bowl win, and if you do not like the way he looks while he is doing it, he does not care much. His teammates love him, and that is all that matters to him, until he gets that Super Bowl trophy.

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