Grossman predicts NFC East title

10 Aug

By Steve Farace

Wow. Are you kidding me? Rex Grossman believes that the Redskins have enough talent to finish ahead of the Cowboys, Giants and Eagles? Bold is not even the word for this one. The reason why nobody is saying that they are the best right now is because they are far from it. The other three teams in the division are much more talented and have much more depth than the Redskins. Grossman doesn’t even know if he will be the starter for this team and he is predicting an NFC East championship.

The Redskins have made some changes this off-season. They are without McNabb, Haynesworth and Portis. They have added super veterans Donte’ Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney. They also added Tim Hightower from the Cardinals. That is it. Their starting quarterback is likely going to be Miami Dolphin castoff John Beck. Does this look like a roster that strikes fear in the heart of the rest of the NFL? Stranger things have happened, but this is a bottom 5 team in the NFL at best.

Grossman predicts NFC East title

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Posted by on August 10, 2011 in Football, Sports, Steve Farace


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