Flyers News: Chris Pronger Injury Update

10 Aug

By John D’Agostino

After a phone interview with reporters Monday, Chris Pronger gave Flyers fans a reason to be even more optimistic about the upcoming season. Pronger gives the fans faith by saying that he is confident that he is on schedule and will be playing all 82 games this year. That would be a huge boost for a team that has a lot of question marks with a load of new players on the team this year. In the interview he talks about his recovery from the back and hand injuries that he had late last season, that in turn kept him out of most of the playoffs. As we saw, without Chris Pronger, the team looks unsure of themselves in the defensive zone, so having him back in the line-up sooner rather than later is a big deal for their mental stability. Pronger said his back was healing great, but it was his hand that was holding him back from really getting into his workout routines. He said all the heavy lifting he usually would do is limited because of the hand, so he is just focusing on cardio workouts for now. Reporters also remarked on him possibly breaking down because of age, as Pronger is 37 years old right now. His response touched on the fact that he’s not breaking down, but he may need to just stop blocking as many shots. He joked that he can leave those shots to their new million dollar goaltender, clearly referencing the pricey addition of Ilya Bryzgalov. He ended by saying he’s not going to speed anything up in rehab, it goes as it goes. That’s good news, because rushing could cause a setback, and the Flyers would be in big trouble if that happened. For now, fans just need to hope he heals properly and gets back on track.

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Posted by on August 10, 2011 in Hockey, John D'Agostino, Sports


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