Jason Taylor’s Homecoming

08 Aug

By David Joaqui

The Miami Dolphins have reacquired Jason Taylor, and he was welcomed back with open arms. For the most part, Dolphin fans couldn’t be happier. But let’s rewind a year ago. Jason Taylor broke every Dolphin fans heart and signed with the rival team, the New York Jets. JT’s name couldn’t be said around any “true” Dolphin fan without forming a ruckess about him “selling out” or “being a trader”. Fast forward, and every fins fan is back on the JT train. Maybe it’s because they believe he is still the Jason Taylor from before, or maybe because Dolphin fans need something to look forward to after the big acquisitions from the Jets and Patriots this offseason. The real question is, if the defense does stuggle and Jason Taylor doesn’t put up his usual numbers, will Dolphin fans play the blame game they do with Chad Henne, and put it all on Jason Taylor? Would he be booed everytime he hits field? I hope after all he has done for this organization, that this doesn’t become true, but Dolphin fans will be Dolphin fans.


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2 responses to “Jason Taylor’s Homecoming

  1. fern

    August 11, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    yea jt money and the poison clan have alot to worrie about cuz i feel that there gonna spend alot of time on the field this season…and yea he.ll get his 10+ sacks and force a few fumbles here and there…but yea he did sellout but money talks…but now he.s back and could teach and guide the young er guys aswell as command the defense and hopefully put some points on the board… now he can hangout with lebroni and the niteclub pretty doorguy coach that miami praises….lets get pat on the sideline for a 3peat.

    • David

      August 24, 2011 at 1:59 pm

      Not so sure about 10+ sacks, maybe 10. I dont think he sold out as much as not being pleased with the organization where it was at the time. But your right he is back, and could teach the young guys a lot. He might just hang out with Lebron a few times, but I wouldn’t want JT getting any of his unclutchness on him.


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