Is Jose Reyes the best player in NY?

19 Jun

Hey all, Scott here.  As most of you know, I am a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan.  Steve is always going to throw New York Mets propaganda your way.  I am sure he won’t mind if I throw my hat in the ring for a few seconds to praise his Mets.  First off, let me start off by saying that the title of this article isn’t even a question that deserves an answer.  Jose Reyes has played out of his mind this season.  I can say that I have watched this guy’s production every single day.  He has been on my Fantasy Baseball team since day one.  He isn’t just the best player in New York, he is in my mind the second best player in all of Major League Baseball.  I have him second to Adrian Gonzalez. That’s not me being a homer, just go take a look at A-Gon’s numbers.  Anyway, the New York Mets should be a cellar dweller.  They should be planning a fire sale to stock up on up and coming prospects. Do you want to know why they can’t? It’s because of Jose Reyes. He has put the New York Mets on his shoulders and has this team looking to buy instead of sell at the deadline.  Metropolitan ownership has tremendous pressure to pay this man.  Trade Jose Reyes and you might lose a fan base.  I think Wilpon had it all wrong.  It isn’t Jose Reyes that doesn’t deserve “Carl Crawford money”. It’s Carl Crawford who doesn’t deserve “Jose Reyes money”  Pay him and pay him yesterday! Check out the link below.

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Posted by on June 19, 2011 in Baseball, Scott Peterson, Sports


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