Mets thinking about dealing Wright??

01 Jun

This is very disturbing news if you are a Met fan. I guess it begs the question – Wright or Reyes? Who would you rather have be the face of the franchise moving forward? In my opinion, it has to be David Wright. Steve.


By Ernie Palladino

Mets’ David Wright reportedly on trade block

David WrightPhoto credit: Getty Images

Until Wednesday, it had been assumed that Jose Reyes would wind up in a different colored uniform than the Mets’ blue-and-orange next season, for lots and lots of money.

Now, it appears that David Wright, the very face of the franchise, should probably not get too comfortable in his locker.

A report on citing sources inside the organization indicated that general manager Sandy Alderson might consider trading the third baseman in the offseason — if he can re-sign Reyes to a moderately priced free-agent contract of five years or fewer.

That scenario is a longshot because Reyes, the 27-year-old shortstop, will expect the open market to bring him more than the $16 million the Mets are paying Jason Bay this year. But it’s also significant that Alderson would even consider moving the 28-year-old Wright. The team’s most popular player is under contract for two more years, including a $16 million option for 2013.

It’s more likely Alderson will keep Reyes and Wright until the offseason, at which point the Mets will hope the shortstop becomes amenable to a hometown discount. Given Fred Wilpon’s recent player criticisms in The New Yorker, it’s unlikely Reyes will leave even a nickel on the table to play for the 74-year-old owner.

The Mets may well settle on moving Reyes by the July 31 trade deadline, though the source said it would have to be a blockbuster deal.

Also working against a Wright move is that fans might further flee Citi Field if the Mets unload him for a lesser name. For a squad saddled with a reported $70 million in losses and fast-sinking attendance, it might be the worst move possible.

Then again, Alderson might have a completely different view of the team’s future. It comes down to whether he wants to build around a handsome third baseman who struggles with his home park’s dimensions, or a dynamic shortstop whose new salary will strain an already bulging budget.

Either way, Alderson probably can’t keep both.

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