Thor Review

10 May

By Scott Peterson

I have to admit I wasn’t really looking forward to Thor. Out of all of the super heroes in the Marvel universe, I have always been least interested in Thor.  I take it all back.  Thor kicked some major ass! Is it the best super hero movie ever made? Absolutely not.  Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Is it the best comic book movie since the first Iron Man? You bet! I actually enjoyed it more. I personally guarantee that you will walk out of Thor with a smile on your face.  It does a great job of entertaining while seamlessly setting us up for The Avengers.  Chris Hemsworth was born to play the hammer wielding god of thunder.  Look out ladies and gentleman, a star is born.  Don’t let Thor get lost in the endless summer movie gauntlet that is about to thrust into full gear.  You will not be disappointed.  Make sure you stay for the closing credits.


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