The Hypocritical Hatred of Lebron James

10 May

By Scott Peterson

    Am I the only one who is absolutely sick and tired of all the misguided Lebron James hate?  Get over it America! Lebron chose Miami.  What if Lebron James sat in front of Jim Gray and simply said, “I’m taking my talents to Madison Square Garden?”  Would you care about the self-created media circus?  Would you care about “The Decision?”  My guess is that you wouldn’t.  Do you want to know why?  Because you sat in front of your TV set praying that James would blurt out your team’s name.  Santa Claus fantasies soon flooded your mind as you saw James injecting life and championship aspirations into your miserable franchise’s foreseeable future.  When he didn’t king your team of choice, he became Lefraud and Lebum.  

     Before Lebron chose the Miami Heat, New York media crowned James as the potential savior of a once proud franchise.  After the smoke cleared, he decided on South Beach.  To many, he was a coward and a villain who handled it all wrong.  Others cried that he needed Dwayne Wade to win a ring.  Clevlanders took to the rooftops and shouted, “How dare he turn his back on Cleveland?”  Let’s be real, if James picked your team, you would have been sprawled out on your living room floor creating snow angels while you preordered his jersey in three different colors.  The only reason you hate Lebron James is because he didn’t choose you.  You were voted off the island and you’re mad as all hell.  Doesn’t that make you the fraud?  Doesn’t that make you the hypocrite?  You will comeback with the standard, “How dare the egotistical big three pop out of a stage like rock stars and celebrate with fans before they’ve had a practice together.”  How many times do we have to hear this?  The celebration wasn’t meant for Chicago, Cleveland, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, or any other city or state that wanted to play the role of jilted ex lover.  That orgasmic celebration was strictly for the fans of South Florida.  It wasn’t meant for your eyes or for mass production.  

     The reason I’m writing this is because even though the story is old news, the hate still grows.  I have heard Charles Barkley recently rip Wade and James on TNT for stating that they are the most hated team in America.  Barkley seems to think that such a notion is ridiculous.  He said, “Nobody cares about the Heat.”  Has Sir Charles been out of the casino lately?  Does he have electricity and running water?  Even the co-owner of this website (Steve) likes to constantly chastise Lebron.  Sure he’s a diehard Knicks fan who forgets the misdeeds of Carmello Anothony’s coup de grâce of the Denver Nuggets while under contract.  Apparently all that doesn’t matter now that Carmello is a Knickerbocker.  Steve will tell you how much he despises Lebron James and the circus he created.  “Lebron James is a douche,” he says.  What he won’t tell you is how anxious he was for Lebron James to wear the orange and blue.  He won’t mention the endless emails and texts he sent prior to that fateful decision. “Lebron James is making his decision 37 ½ yards away from Knicks training camp.  Surely, this must be a sign.”  I heard no mention of how selfish and egomaniacal it was to hold the public hostage while he made his announcement on primetime on ESPN.  

     Those were the days when fans had hopes and dreams.  I suppose every non Miami Heat fan across America is just like Steve.  I implore you all to please move on with your life.  This hatred can’t be healthy!  There are a million fish in the sea and although Lebron is the Great White shark that inhabits these NBA waters, there will be plenty of sail fish for your team to snag. 


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