Something Borrowed Review

10 May

By Steve Farace

I told you that I would be forced to see this movie. Dinner and a movie for my wife and I while the friends were all busy. We went to a nice Italian restaurant and then a nice little theater in the neighborhood to see this movie. I gotta tell ya – it was very boring. The only funny parts for me were the parts that the guy from The Office was in. He should continue doing these types of movies where he isn’t the main character because I think he would thrive in these types of movies going forward. The movie was just very slow to build up and when it did build up it was really for nothing. It was completely predictable and simply not enjoyable to me. When I told my wife what I was going to give this movie as a review she didn’t put up much of a fight so that has to speak volumes as well. In its opening week, Something Borrowed finished in 4th place and was destroyed by Thor (in its first week) and Fast Five (in its second week). Hell, it even lost to Jumping the Broom. Come on man!


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