Rio Review

10 May

by Steve Farace

My wife and I planned a date to go to the movies and we were going to see Rio. We were invited to go to a friend’s house, but we decided to keep our plans and go to the movies. Our friends decided they were so excited to see Rio that they would join our date. What can I say – we are just that popular. Anywho, the showing that we wanted to see was sold out and we had to wait an additional hour to see the macaw that America was falling in love with. It was well worth the wait. Rio is an outstanding movie that is filled with emotion for the little guy and even some action and romance thrown in. America always looks for the underdog to do well and what is a better example of an underdog than a macaw that can’t fly?? That’s what I though. Rio is a must see for the entire family. Even if you don’t have a family you should check it out. I’m already gearing up to purchase it on Blu-Ray and watching it with my son when he is born!


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