The Demise of The Boston Celtics

04 May

By Steve Farace

     The Celtics had a window of 3 years. That window has been slowly closing since the Kendrick Perkins trade and the Miami Heat are about to slam it shut. The Celtics were looked at as the team to beat until the trade. Is Perkins a superstar? Not by any stretch of the imagination. He did all of the little things down low in the post that the Celtics are missing right now. Wade and James are having their way and driving in whenever and however they want to. Now, I’m not saying that Wade and James wouldn’t be able to do whatever they want if Perkins was there, but at least there would be some kind of a presence there.


The Celtics are being exploited in this series and they are looking OLD. The Heat are running all over then and all around them in the case of Wade around Garnett. In the first round, the Celtics were able to hold on for victories in games 1 and 2 against the Knicks after looking old at times during those games before handling them rather easily in games 3 and 4. The Celtics are making no adjustments in this series and the reason is because the Heat play defense and the Knicks do not. Doc Rivers is supposed to be the coach with all of the answers and right now he has none against the more athletic and far superior Heat.


Now we hear the excuses and I know I gave excuses for my Knicks in the first series, but I’m allowed to after all these years of not being in the playoffs. In game one it was that Pierce was ejected (for the record I don’t think it was the right call either). The excuses continued in game 2 with injuries and this and that. The fact of the matter is that the Celtics thought they could punk the Heat and the Heat stood tall in game 1 and the big bad Celtics were forced to take a step back. They have taken a step back into a big hole and old men are not very good at climbing out of holes.


Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe was on The Dan LeBatard Show in Miami this afternoon and he admitted that he is not very confident about the Celtics chances in this series. LeBatard then asked Shaughnessy that if the Celtics are done in this series, aren’t they done for good. Shaughnessy’s answer? Yes. I couldn’t agree any more and there is no doubt in my mind that the Miami Heat will move on to the next round to play the Bulls, who are a better match up against the Heat because they, unlike the Celtics, are not OLD.


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