24 Movie by 2012?

12 Apr

By Steve Farace

It feels like an eternity since Jack Bauer left us for good on the small screen. I think many of you that are fans of the show can agree that we all miss our friend and hero, Jack Bauer! I’m getting upset just writing this because of how this all went down. The show didn’t even have a chance to have a proper ending because it was cancelled mid-season. Although, that could be a good thing, because now we are in for a treat as the movie could be released by 2012. The article (click the link below) is a bit vague because it seems to be cautiously optimistic about 2012, with an eye towards 2013.

I wonder what the movie will be about. Obviously there will be some kind of terrorist threat against the United States, but is it going to play on the real life issues that we go through or will it be something that is completely new to us? Also, who will be in it? The article throws a couple of different theories out there, including Almeida coming back (yes, again!).

Come back soon, Jack!!

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Posted by on April 12, 2011 in Movies, Steve Farace


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