Opening Day: News and Notes

02 Apr

By Steve Farace

Well, we have one more Opening Day in the books for Major League Baseball. Some people like ESPN’s Skip Bayless (on twitter @realskipbayless), would say that Opening Day is just 1 of 162. Others have a more open view of the day. Winter is in the rear view mirror (unless of course you are opening up at Yankee Stadium and it is 37 degrees at game time) and every team and fan has hope. For me, Opening Day is one of the most exciting days of the year. Baseball is back and it is time for me continue my loyalty to the Mets, and for the last 4 years it has been the time for me to monitor my fantasy baseball team very closely!
It is also a time for everyone to find out a bit about their team. So here we go with one thing that we found out about each team on their respective Opening Day:

1. Yankees – Mark Teixeira is determined to get off to a good start this year.

2. Tigers – Miguel Cabrera needs to lose some weight!

3. Braves – Jason Heyward is going to hit a homerun in his first at bat EVERY year!

4. Nationals – They are going to be a tough team to play against.

5. Angels – Torii Hunter can still hit.

6. Royals – they are STILL the Royals.

7. Brewers – Their bullpen needs work.

8. Reds – They are still the comeback kids.

9. Padres – Their lineup isn’t all THAT bad. Still bad, though.

10. Cardinals – Their bullpen sucks and Matt Holliday can aggravate his appendix by hitting a homerun.

11. Giants – Tim Lincecum is good.

12. Dodgers – Clayton Kershaw was better.

13. White Sox – They can SCORE.

14. Indians – Ugh.

15. Mets – They won’t win all of their Opening Day games (had won 5 in a row coming in).

16. Marlins – Finally spent money and it paid dividends immediately (John Buck).

17. Red Sox – Lester gets off to another slow start.

18. Rangers – Seem ready to defend their AL Champ title.

19. Astros – Brett Myers is very good. The Astros bullpen is very bad.

20. Phillies – Don’t have the lineup they once did, but are still a big threat with the Big 4 pitchers.

21. Twins – They overpaid Carl Pavano.

22. Blue Jays – Can hit…but can they pitch well enough to contend for the Wild Card? Probably not.

23. Pirates – They are over .500 for the first and possibly last time this year.

24. Cubs – 102 years and counting…103 after this year.

25. Orioles – They can hit if they stay healthy…but the pitching is the question.

26. Rays – Without Price, they are nothing.

27. Diamondbacks – Justin Upton is a beast (and I am a homer for my fantasy team!).

28. Rockies – Ubaldo?? Is that you??

29. Mariners – Are they going to finally give King Felix some run support? Don’t count on it lasting too long.

30. Athletics – They starting pitching will be awesome. Their bullpen not so great.

One thing was a constant for most teams and that was they all seemed to leave their defense in spring training. I guess the defense will come in good time, but for now, it feels so good to have baseball back!

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