Limitless Review

19 Mar

By Steve Farace

The concept of this movie is absolutely something that would intrigue any human being. Imagine being able to remember something that you simply caught a glimpse of 15 years ago, or be able to get out of any situation just by being several steps ahead of everyone and everything else. That is exactly what this movie explores.

I’m sure that everyone has been told at least once in their life to use their brains. The problem is that we are only really able to use 20% of our brains. Problem solved! Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a struggling writer who has a book deal, but can’t get passed the first sentence of the book. He runs into his ex-brother-in-law on the street who introduces him to this “magic pill” that opens a humans brain up so that they can use 100% of it instead of just 20%. The movie really starts from there and it goes on to show exactly what could be done with (and without) the pill.

Eddie Morra is a man who gets dumped by the girl that he loves, doesn’t have the brainpower to write  a book that he signed on to write and doesn’t know how to handle many situations. That would all change will the pill (or would it?). Can he become the man that he wants to be and the man that will be the best at what he does? Only one way to find out! Check it out!

I liked the movie and I liked what Bradley Cooper was able to do with this character. Robert De Niro was also good in his role, although people going to see the movie to see De Niro will be disappointed by his small role.

Final Word – 


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