Rango Review

09 Mar

By Scott Peterson

Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski team up again… only this time it’s a movie about a pet chameleon who falls off a truck in the middle of the Mojave desert and becomes the sheriff of a town that has been victimized by a ruthless old tortoise who is controlling the water supply. Get that? Ok fine. Maybe that was one of Charlie Sheen’s nightmares after a three day cocaine binge. Sorry, you knew that was coming #winner. Seriously, Rango is probably one of the strangest movies I have ever seen. Halfway through the movie I was beginning to wonder if someone slipped acid in my Coke Zero. At the same time, I was completely mesmerized. It’s as if the Cohen Brothers or Darren Aronofsky decided to make an animated movie. Well, Rango I imagine is what you would get. It also seems like the first animated movie in 23 years that isn’t 3D. Isn’t that refreshing? One note..You might want to watch this movie before bringing a young child. I suspect their are many parents that wouldn’t let Sherif Rango influencing their young minds. (3 1/2 stars)

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Posted by on March 9, 2011 in Movie Reviews, Movies, Scott Peterson


One response to “Rango Review

  1. lei5

    July 31, 2011 at 4:55 am

    it was hilarious 🙂


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