Chicago Cubs Preview

08 Mar

What if the Cubs were to win a World Series? Wouldn’t that be something? Haha…anyway. The Cubs are a decent team with decent players. They are average at best. They picked up Carlos Pena, who I think is washed up and actually hit under .200 last year. There were pitchers that had a better average than him last year. Soriano is so 2000 and Aramis Ramirez can’t stay healthy. They have a couple of youngsters in the middle of the infield in Castro and DeWitt and it should be exciting to see them develop over the course of the season. Am I depressing everyone in Chicago yet? Hey, Kerry Wood is back!! The rotation looks like this: Dempster, Garza, Zambrano, Wells and Silva. Two of these guys can’t keep their temper down and Garza looks like a camel. All kidding aside, Garza should do better this year as he comes over to the NL. Hey, didn’t he throw a no hitter last year? Yes he did. 

The Cubs will be middle of the pack this year in the Central, which isn’t saying much. Sorry Cub fans…wait until next year, again.

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Posted by on March 8, 2011 in Baseball, Sports, Steve Farace


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